I want to go back to school (college or back to cosmetology school) but

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I don't really want to leave my baby boy yet. And I haven't decided if I want to finish my cosmetology license that I started while pregnant, now, or start my teaching degree. I just started getting torn between the two. And I just moved so I've been looking at cosmo schools and toured some and looking at the colleges to transfer loans to. Idk what to do...?


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Renee - posted on 03/22/2010




i did the better of the two i am going to college at home im doing the university of phoenix so i can stay at home with my 1 yr old boy and still get a college education. these are the years you dont want to miss. i know i didnt want to miss it.

Laura - posted on 03/22/2010




I have two kids. My oldest is 6 and my youngest is 2. My son started Kindergarten this year. I've been a stay at home mom since my son was born. When he went to school I started thinking about going to school, but I wasn't sure if I should leave my daughter because I stayed home until my son went to school. But after I thought about it for a little bit. I realized that soon enough my daughter will be in school. And I want them to have a home to come home to not an apartment. I know a lot people say that wherever the parents are the child has a home, but I want them to have a house. I'm also a little bored now since my son is in school. There's less noise, and less everything. I'm not used to it. I also like a little bit of a challenge. My husband makes good money, but I want to feel like I've accomplished more than well behaved children, and a clean house. Just take a step back and take deep breath. Do what you feel is right. Talk with close friends, and family. I'm not sure if you're married, but if you are talk with him and get his input. To a point dads are little bit more understanding because they have to leave home to go to work everyday and leave us. Sometimes that can be hard for them some days.

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Online schooling is a good option if you choose to go the teacher route. How old is your son? When I started school mine was between 18 months and 2 years. Very bad timing because of the whole separation anxiety issue. I would wait until he's at east 3 if you go back to cosmetology.

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there is a solution to that. do home schooling,that way can be home with little boy and still get education.

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i went back to college when my children were 3 and 3 months. it is a big sacrifice of time but i always looked at it as i was doing the school thing to make a better life for them. it is very rewarding to walk across that stage at grad and know that i have done everything in my power to make their lives better.

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I'm going to school online. I love it. I get to be here with my son and get my education.

Karin - posted on 03/19/2010




Weigh the pros and cons of both choices. Im not sure how your school works but at least the one i went to you couldnt transfer the loan.

I didnt want to leave my son and start school when he was 6 months old but I did. It was all worth it in the end. I graduated on time and within 8 months. I went to a technical school so it was very short compared to most programs. And i could start working immediately. It was a huge plus considering how expensive it is to raise a baby which im sure you know. I wanted to go to college and become a counselor or teacher as well but it was too expensive and itd take too long before earning the money. So at least till we can save up the money for it i put school on hold for awhile till i can save some money. I went in the evenings so I could spend time with my son during the day and get things done that i needed to do. When i went to school thankfully i had family that could watch him so i saved alot of money on daycare.

Good luck i hope this helps

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