Scared to go back to schooL!!!

Tasia - posted on 12/08/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I just recently had a babyboy who is now 3 months old and I go back to school in January (next month), I am scared to leave my baby. I mean I carried him for over 9 months and hes always with me. I even breastfeed him but I dont want to be away from him. I cant afford daycare right now so my mom agreed to change her work schedule to watch him. Besides hes too young for daycare (too many germs) And hes so clingy to me and wants me all the time. I love being with my son and playing with him. I dont want to miss out on any of his milestones because so far hes growing up too quickly. Anyway... So how can I prepare myself now??


Amy - posted on 12/10/2009




OMG i am feeling the same. i jus had my daughter almost 4 weeks ago. and i start in Jan. I have her enrolled for daycare, but im afraid that she aint gonna like it or that they wont take good care of her. And unforuntly i dont have ne one to watch her during the day for. And i am also afraid that im gonna miss something she does and never get that moment back. But im also looking at it this way, im going back to school to better myself for her, im going back to school to get a better job to raise her and buy her the things she will need and want. That helps me to think of it as im doing this for her, not jus me. Good Luck

Heather - posted on 12/10/2009




I understand where you are coming from completely! I have had to do the very same thing twice already! My first child was 5 months old when I had to drop him off to daycare for the first time and my second child was 3 months old the first time at daycare and both were for school! The youngest one is only 7 months old now so this was in August so that I could attend fall classes! :) It is hard! I cried the whole way to school both times! It should bring some peace of mind that it will be your mother watching him and not a stranger! Also, I breastfed both of mine as well. The youngest is still breastfeeding at night. That was also hard. I had to talk to my professors ahead of time and let them know that I had to pump ever so often (one of my classes was 4 hours long so I had to pump in the middle) I would feed him at night and send what I had pumped during school to daycare the next morning. It was tough but all of it is worth it I promise! I just have to remind myself that he won't remember if I was with him when he rolled over but he will remember when he is older and mommy has a good education and a good job so 'santa' can bring lots of really cool things! =) It won't be easy at first but it does get better! Good luck and I know you can do it!


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Christina - posted on 01/09/2010




Yes going back to school would totally be helping out your son in the long run. I'm a full time student and work but most of all I'm a single mom so I'm totally here for anyone who wants to talk or ask anything ?'s. I wish you the best of luck....

Sophia - posted on 12/12/2009




well u have to remember that u getting an education is to brighten his future as well as yours to be able to support him. the good part about getting the rest of ur education now is that he young he has no idea when u are not there and what u missed out on. put it this way u rather loose time now then when he is 4 years old and in plays etc.. u dont want to miss out on those things. i hope this helped...

Dmaxwell0008 - posted on 12/10/2009




Take it as your doing better for your son. going to school is going to help him to. i understand not wanting to be away from your child but you need some "me" time sometimes too. he wont forget his mommy i promise you!

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