Success In Your Life

When I talk about success, I am referring to all the areas of your life: financial, spiritual, and physical. Have you asked yourself why some people are more successful than others? Do you know hardworking people who aren't successful? How about people that have financial security, but are not happy? What is the secret formula for Success? Let's learn and grow together! In our conscious mind, we have the ability to choose our thoughts. We can choose big, beautiful pictures of what we want to have, do, or be. Or we can allow ourselves to build negative pictures of what we do not want. We can also allow what we hear on TV or what we read in the newspaper to control our thinking. But ultimately, we choose our thoughts. But what we want to understand is that the thoughts we choose are going to be expressed in action. They are expressed in feelings and in the health of our physical body. When we say we’ve “worried our self sick”, how did that happen? Well, worry is an emotional state. It gets expressed in the body and causes “dis-ease.” So, by law, this emotion is going to be expressed either in the health of our physical body, or in our actions. And when it is expressed in our actions, it produces results - and it is our results that we want to change.


What does it mean to be "successful?"

Some might say that I'm not.... I joke that I've been 'downwardly mobile.' But, that's only because I've gone down the ladder financially and in terms of having a job with a...