Suffering With Dysphraxia

This group is for parents who have children suffering daily from the learning developmental difficulties of Dysphraxia. It is the silent mistreated disease that a lot of people are unaware of and struggle with the issues of not being able to communicate verbally. In this group we can support and give vital advice to those who need and want it - we can also make life a little easier to handle day by day. Welcome to this group!


Dysphraxia is NOT a dissability!

Some have said that Dysphraxia is something that should be dealt with in special schools!! This is not the solution - the child is not mentally missapt, it is a sensory...


How long???

I thought I would open the chat with a brief question: How long has your child been suffering from Dysphraxia and when did they get diagnosed? For me, Hunter was officially...