Support for Mama's with Depression during or after pregnancy

I think there are a lot of Moms who, for a variety of reasons, have experienced depression either during or after pregnancy (or both). There is not a lot of support for this issue and it is incredibly difficult for a soon-to-be new or new mom to work through it. I think we need an outlet to talk openly about how we feel with the opportunity for feedback from other moms who have dealt with it or are going through it themselves. We need to stick together. Unfortunately, there is a huge stigma with "depression" in general and what most people do not know is that on average about 85% of Americans (men and women) will experience some sort of depression at one point or another during their life. Most of them will work through it with very little disruption to their daily lives and without the need of Dr.s or meds and others will suffer at different levels and will need intervention but may not realized that it is out there or that it is OK to ask for help. I think more people need to recognize that depression is a chemical imbalance that anyone can experience at anytime and that for women, when you add hormones to that chemical mix, it has the potential to spiral into a very unhappy and dark place. I have dealt with severe depression in pregnancy and then in post pregnancy. I have four children and only experienced it twice. You never know what you are going to be handed with each new pregnancy and delivery. I have survived the depression although it was a long and difficult journey without a lot of support or understanding from those around me. We need to come together as moms and support one another during one of the equally amazing and stressful experiences of our lives. Please join me in this effort to keep the topic of "depression among moms" open for discussion, comments, feedback and support. But, only if it is positive support.