Support for kids with concussion research

We submitted an “idea” for research on Concussion (short term cognitive impairment) due to accidents or sport injury through “CST, inspired minds.” Our aim is to work through charity with various universities and schools in order to educate children, athletes, coaches and sport teams on Concussion and cognitive impairment due to accidents and injuries. Thousands of children are injured each year due to accidents and sports injuries. Among these a large percentage will have a mild traumatic injury or Concussion. Many of these cases are not adequately diagnosed or remain undiagnosed which leads to neurological and short term impairment as well as psychological and long term cognitive impairment. We are collaborating in research to identify "rapid assessment tool for Concussion" In order to make this possible for children, I ask for your help by simply voting for this idea every day from May 2nd to May 16 inclusively! The voting is free of cost and one can vote once a day for the duration of this contest. If enough votes are gathered then the idea will be nominated as one of the finalist. The online voting begins! MAY 2ND – MAY 16TH During this time all submitted Ideas are open for vote, so this is the time to vote, vote, vote! The more vote our Idea receives, the better our chances are of winning one of the prizes. You can vote as often as daily through, Facebook and Twitter. Please take one minute of your time daily and vote for us through all three available methods! Here is how you can vote: 1. Register to vote at 2. Starting May 2nd, visit our project Idea at and click the VOTE button on our Idea’s web page – please vote EVERY DAY up to and including May 16th! 3. AND we get BONUS VOTES when you share our project Idea through Facebook and Twitter. You can do this EVERY DAY using the Facebook and Twitter buttons that appear after you click the Vote button on our Idea’s webpage. You can also send a inbox message with the webpage link to all your followers on LinkedIn. That’s up to three votes a day from each of you and your network if you share it with them. Our supporters who vote using Facebook and/or Twitter will automatically post a link to our Idea on their status, which can be a great way to attract new voters. They can also add some supportive text before the post is completed. Inspired Minds is CST's newest initiative to help guide Canada's education and professional pathways into the future. Their aim is to provide a vision of a 'Canada of the Future'— one in which CST is at the forefront of innovation in the global career marketplace. They want to inspire enthusiasm and preparation in Canada's future learners and their parents through a new perspective. Through the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project, communities and organizations across the country are invited to submit new and innovative ideas in the growth and development for children ages 0–17. Submitted and screened Ideas are funded with a prize money pool of $250,000.