Supporters of Dr. Ferber's Method

This community is for supporters of the "Progressive Waiting Approach" as outlined by Dr. Richard Ferber in his book, "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems". Anyone who has successfully used the method, supports the method, or would like to learn more about it is welcome to join. We can talk about many topics of course, not just the Ferber Method; I just thought it would be a commonality amongst mothers.


Feeding at night?

We are about to begin sleep training with my DS who is 7 months old and used to sleeping in bed with me and nursing throughout the night. Most of the time itscomfort nursing...



How do you know when your successful? Is it when they sleep through the night or you put them down and they don't cry?? Do you keep putting them to sleep this way from now on???


Nap v/s Bedtime

My daugther goes to bed awake every night without a peep. It is perfect!! Naps - not the same story. Why is there a difference? She is all over the place with naps. Like...


Can Someone Help?

Hello- We started using Dr. Ferber's method on my 5 month old daughter. Last night was the 2nd night. She has been waking every 1-2 hours all night long & taking 20 minutes...



We have been using the method at night for about a month and it is working great!! :) Now, I am ready to start at naps. Any tips or suggestions?


Happy belated Mother's Day!

Hello Moms! I intended to send this earlier, but Happy belated Mother's Day! I hope everyone had a special day. For me, it was my first Mother's Day. We kind of celebrated on...


How many nights?

We finally started! It is going a lot better than I thought. The longest she has cried is 40 minutes (which was tonight). I have a couple of questions. First - on...


Naptime help

Okay I am on day four and I am having trouble with Ava napping. Yesterday she took only one nap and that was for a half an hour! The day before she took 2 naps 2 hours each!...


Giving it a try

I was against this method in the beginning, because I really like and have had good experience with Dr. Sears' advice. We adopted my son about four months ago and for this...


Critics of Ferber

So, I have noticed on this site that a lot of people seems to feel very strongly that the Ferber method, or any similar method, is bad for your child. They always say "there...


Funny Sleeping Positions

I always put my little girl on her back to sleep, but lately she has been changing positions. A lot of times she rolls onto her side and falls alseep that way, it is really...


Baby Sleeping in Car Seat

Lily used to fall asleep every time she was in the car in her car seat. I read that if your baby is falling asleep EVERY time they are in the car it can be an indicator that...