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What gifts did you get her?

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  • DeeDee Eanes

    We got her some dolls and the party at Chuck E. Cheez

    posted by : DeeDee Eanes, on 06/29/2011
  • jodie adfield

    lots and lots the biggest being a nintento ds lite

    posted by : Jodie Adfield, on 05/27/2011
  • Kristin Milne

    Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

    posted by : Kristin Milne, on 05/14/2011
  • Hanaa Darwish

    plaster eggs 2 paint,clothes,make up set,& perfum

    posted by : Hanaa Darwish, on 05/13/2011
  • Pia Rivera

    Little Mermaid Doll with flounder and Sebastian

    posted by : Pia Rivera, on 05/13/2011
  • Sarah Dake

    Cloths and a barbie

    posted by : Sarah Dake, on 05/12/2011
  • anu johar gandhi


    posted by : Anu Johar Gandhi, on 05/11/2011
  • Nicola Hadlington

    She had her ears pierced and some clothes. A hello kitty bike too

    posted by : Nicola Hadlington, on 05/10/2011
  • Angel Yakinneah

    her first bike

    posted by : Angel Yakinneah, on 05/10/2011
  • Marina Gonzalez

    A bicycle with training wheels.

    posted by : Marina Gonzalez, on 05/10/2011
  • Talithia Cason

    new bike, clothes, shoes

    posted by : Talithia Cason, on 05/10/2011
  • michelle corbin

    She loves soccer so we got her new soccer shoes and a soccer ball. Only because we had a Best Buy gift card plus a $100 visa gift card, we got her a Nintendo DS. We only paid $7.00 for it. She loves playing it there so we thought we'd get her one. It was her golden birthday this year so we spoiled her a little more than we normally would have. And we also got her a new 16 inch bike because she outgrew her other one.

    posted by : Michelle Corbin, on 05/10/2011
  • Karen Whitelaw

    lots of bits and pieces (Rapunzels tower with dolls, polly pocket set, barbie doll etc) and a new wardrobe for her bedroom.

    posted by : Karen Whitelaw, on 05/10/2011
  • Debbie Nance

    10k diamond ring, doll car with a mom, dad, nana, 2 lil girls an a lil boy an a dog and groceries.

    posted by : Debbie Nance, on 05/09/2011