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Have you been to another 6 year old girl's birthday party that you really enjoyed? What was special about it?

  • Deborah

    originality and creative on the part of the party planner. But seriously, we're always grateful for the invitation from friends.

    posted by : Deborah , on 05/24/2011
  • Candis Reinoehl

    not really because most parents don't really have much order to their parties, but i have come across just a few that have, but none that are jozlyn's age..maybe younger kids :\

    posted by : Candis Reinoehl, on 05/14/2011
  • Melanie Delahunty

    none yet

    posted by : Melanie Delahunty, on 05/11/2011
  • Kylie Kelsen

    Haven't been to another 6 yr old girls party.

    posted by : Kylie Kelsen, on 05/10/2011
  • tamsin venter

    At one they painted little ceramic vases and made paper fowers and had a treasure hunt for the party bags !!!

    posted by : Tamsin Venter, on 05/09/2011
  • Crystal McKinnon

    No I have not.

    posted by : Crystal McKinnon, on 05/09/2011