How did you celebrate your 10 year old son's birthday?

Up Next: Was there a theme to the birthday party? If so, what was the theme?

  • Helen Simm

    took him bowling and then to mcdonalds

    posted by : Helen Simm, on 05/10/2011
  • Rolonda Yazzie

    I had a HALO theme dinner, made his favorite dish, chicken enchiladas, spanish rice & corn with a strawberry filled cake. We had family come & celebrate with us, uncles, aunta, grandpas, grandmas, cousins was a funfilled day :)

    posted by : Rolonda Yazzie, on 05/10/2011
  • Mecca Brown

    We had a treasure themed party. Invitations were pirate maps leading to location. Once there pirates were given new maps with various clues that lead to hidden treasure coins.

    posted by : Mecca Brown, on 05/10/2011
  • Lizette Swensen

    We went to a park and arranged a flag football games and drills. The boys had a great time did not even want to stop playing to have cake and ice cream.

    posted by : Lizette Swensen, on 05/09/2011
  • Traci Wills

    We celebrated with a vendor called "Games2U" and they E AWESOME!!! Go to to see if there's a vendor in your area!

    posted by : Traci Wills, on 05/09/2011
  • Tasha Fullwood

    He wanted to go to Olive Garden

    posted by : Tasha Fullwood, on 05/09/2011