How did you celebrate your 7 year old girl's birthday?

Up Next: Was there a theme to the birthday party? If so, what was the theme?

  • Shawna Slack

    nail art party

    posted by : Shawna Slack, on 07/05/2012
  • my daughter turns 7 on december i want to know what's the best theme?i want it kinda magical, with butterfly and bubbles?

    posted by : User, on 07/27/2011
  • apps+8278986302

    We took her on a cruise to the Bahamas then a few days in Disney World.

    posted by : Apps+8278986302 , on 05/25/2011
  • Shannon Keeffe

    We had a fairy tea party for her. I made tutus, flower head pieces and fairy wings. Her aunt made a tipped over teapot with little fairies on it and peeping out from the inside. We had cupcakes that looked like toadstools, mini sugar cookies with sprinkles, flower shaped sandwiches with sprinkles, mini pretzels, and fairy punch in teacups. Table was decorated with a floral canopy and there were 2 vases with flowers and butterflies. Also sprinkled with the same stuff you use for christmas snow on villages. The girls LOVED it....they said it was the best birthday party ever. And I had a blast making their tutus, wings and headpieces. These were their gifts from the birthday girl. Plus they painted birdhouses and even took home their teacups/saucers as well. It was so much fun!

    posted by : Shannon Keeffe, on 05/15/2011
  • Jeannette Morach

    To celebrate my daughters 7th I gathered a whole bunch of dressup clothes, shoes, scarves ect for the girls to choose from. I hung them on a clothes rail so they could browse. I set up mirrors and old make up at one table and nail polish at another. The girls glamourized themselves then I had them walk down a red carpet and took a photo of each girl. They loved it!

    posted by : Jeannette Morach, on 05/14/2011
  • Elizabeth Miles

    My daughter had a Tangled theme sleepover/b-day party. We had discussed who she really wanted to invite (the list had to be smaller for my own sanity). While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, the girls took turns jumping on our trampoline. We had pizza for dinner, and then the cake. Then they played out back again (with the trampoline being the favorite). Next we opened up presents, and everyone got "ready for bed". Then we put in the Tangled DVD, and we camped out in the living room. I always stay next to my daughter and her friends during sleepovers in case they wake up in the night and they need seems to be comforting to them as well as myself! The next day we had french toast sticks for breakfast. And while we waited for the girls to be picked up, they painted with edible paints on candy rings.

    posted by : Elizabeth Miles, on 05/12/2011
  • Daphne Jackson

    For Payton's 7th birthday, I decided to give her a slumber/spa party. I ordered all the slumber birthday theme items from Oriental Trading (which were REALLY cute), and then I ordered or bought everything you would need for having a perfect spa day. Those items included inflatable foot spas, pedicure kits, pedicure sandals, nail polish, headbands, etc. The girls (a total of 10 including Payton) had a BLAST!! This party is sure to be a memorable one for her!

    posted by : Daphne Jackson, on 05/12/2011
  • Mai Shefmire

    I had a friend who is a hairdresser come to my house and style the girls' hair in updos and other formal styles - finishing it off with a little glitter spray. The girls dressed up in formal party dresses that I had picked up at consignment sales and feather boas that I ordered online. I ordered inexpensive animal print purses for the party bags and put in scented lotions and lip gloss. I also painted the girls nails. I found a play "fashion show" tent with a red carpet runway on Craigslist. The girls walked the runway while my husband took head shots and full length pictures. We then took the girls to the corner pizza restaurant and had cake there. The cake was a glamour/make-up party cake with an edible purse and make-up on top. Back home afterward for pjs and a sleepover. I added candy and stickers to the party bags before the girls went home and also gave them the feather boas. It was sooo much fun!

    posted by : Mai Shefmire, on 05/12/2011
  • Jef Servida

    We celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday at Hongkong Disneyland. We stayed at Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel for 2 consecutive nights. We had their birthday package and enjoyed the dinner buffet at the Hotel's Enchanted Garden. Mickey and Minnie Mouse surprised her with a birthday cake while we're having our dinner. At the Park, she enjoyed taking pictures with the princesses and the disney gang. She had her autograph book and let them sign in. She wears a rapunzel dress and tinkerbell while touring the park. We fell in love with the place and plans to get back by december this year.

    posted by : Jef Servida, on 05/11/2011
  • Pamela Redhead

    we had 12 kids for a sleep over. Did make up nails and face packs. Made bracelets had a take away, did some dancing then they all watched dvds in bed.

    posted by : Pamela Redhead, on 05/11/2011
  • Leeann Maw

    Elizabeth chose to take her younger sister and 4 of her friends to build a bear. there they each picked and stuffed their own bear and did some activites. When we'd finished there we went back to our house where we were joined by 5 more friends and had a bbq and did some party games

    posted by : Leeann Maw, on 05/11/2011
  • Tracey Young

    Huntah had her party at Gourmet Kids in Malvern. Was fantastic, the girls and boys had a great time. Staff were really good with the kids. Huntah loves all the masterchef stuff so this was a perfect party for her.

    posted by : Tracey Young, on 05/10/2011
  • Shamela Saban

    Celebrated Aaliyah's birthday with lots of loves ones, family, friends, duah's, thikr, cuzzies, in our new "mansion" with the most fabulous barbie cake!

    posted by : Shamela Saban, on 05/10/2011
  • Charity Kozenko

    took her and her best friend bowling, it was lots of fun

    posted by : Charity Kozenko, on 05/10/2011