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Here is my story....
January 2010 I found out I was pregnant with baby No 4. This was a surpise baby for us. Once the shock wore off, we were really happy. This pregnancy started off very different to the previous 3. The morning sickness was insane. At my 8 week check up, my suspicions were confirmed...I was pregnant with twins. Only 1 twin wasnt growing at the same rate as the other and we were told to expect the worst. We were pretty sad at that news. Over the course of the next few weeks, I was monitored closely due to a little spotting, dehydration which I ended up in hospital for. Every u/s showed the "sick twin" to be growing every so slowly that it gave us hope since the Ob kept telling us to expect my body to reabsorb it or I might pass it. But that didnt happen. At 19weeks I noticed I hadnt felt the baby move all day and I paniced. I had experienced this with my first child and nearly lost him at 36wks. So off to the Ob to be checked. Whilst doing an u/s he noticed that the twin that stopped growing was still there but now there was this mass around it and this mass was on my scar tissue from my previous 3 c sections. He had me go for very detailed u/s. We didnt know what this mass was. Not even the top Ob's in South Australia could tell what it was. One thing was for sure though, the risk of Accreta was great because were it was. We were briefed on the risks, what to look out for.. I went for an MRI at 27wks to see if that would shed some light on what the mass was and if I did have an accreta. The results came back inconclusive.
At 30wks, July 19th, I had a lovely day with my two youngest. They played at a playcafe while I drank coffee and read my book. We had a relaxing afternoon, got them bathed and my youngest son off to bed. I had cooked dinner and was in my pjs with the other two, curled up on the lounge. Hubby was working back late, I had my fav book, kids watching a was great! Until my daughter asked me to change the movie. When I bent down to put the disc in....I felt a gush. I immediately thought I had wet myself. I felt my pj bottoms and found my hand was covered in blood. The blood drained from my face. I knew this was it. I rang hubby to come home. I rang the ambulance to get here quick. I calmed the kids (all from the toilet mind you). Once at the hospital I was taken to Labour and Delivery where my Ob met me. We checked on bubs...he was doing just fine. He couldnt see were I was bleeding from but we both knew it was from the mass. I was bleeding sooo much that just that night I lost 500ml of blood. Through the course of the night I went into labour and by 6am I was in so much pain in my stomach I couldnt move my legs, my body. My Ob came racing back in, checked me and decided I needed to be delivered immediately. Hubby didnt even make it back to the hospital intime. I had no time to say my goodbyes. What if this was it? I was scared. Whilst waiting in theatre for everyone to be there...I counted 15 people. I knew this was going to be big. Then it was lights out.
When I woke, my hubby and my bestfriend were by my bedside waiting for me. I made it. I was alive. They even managed to save my uterus. They had no choice. My uterus was sooooo stuck to my bladder that my bladder tore when he tried to seperate them to do the hyster....Thankfully he managed to get the bleeding under control. But now my bladder was damaged.
I thankfully didnt have to go to ICU because the Maternity ward wasnt busy and the dedicated a couple nurses to my care 24/7. I was on heavy medication, nasal prongs for oxygen, I had a stomach drain from the bleed out I had, a cathetar and a very sore body from the urgent surgery. I lost 2litres of blood and I had 4 blood transfusions. My poor veins would collapse or burst when they were doing the transfusions and I would end up with the most uglyest bruises I've ever seen. My bruises were the talk of the ward at one point.
My son survived....only just. Because of the emergency, he was delivered breech and aggressively, that is seems is ferenic nerve was damaged and he now has a diaphragmatic eventration on the righthand side. He contracted a Staph infection just after birth. He had a struggle but hes a happy and healthy 10mth old now. He still have the eventration but you wouldn't know. We are just now keeping an eye on it and see what happens as he grows.
Im ok too. I've been told "No More Babies"......but we will see. Never say never.....although I dont ever want to be in that position again. I never lost my life to an accreta....I have too much to live for to risk that again......

So there you have story. I've probably forgotten bits....bits I dont even know that happened......

Im going to go and read others stories and be thankful that we are all still here!



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Hi fellow survivor. Glad you and your son pulled through. It is such a harrowing experience. I too am in Australia and had the blessing of being transfered to a good city hospital. I was pregnant with twins, had a grade 4 placenta previa and an accreta. The way you described your surgery room filled with people was how I remembered my operating room. I had 30 people in mine. I had deflated balloons put into my major arteries, central lines put into my neck and was hooked up to the blood transfusion before they even put me under as I was delivering the twins at the same time as my surgery. My twins were born at 30 weeks to the day on 25th June 2008. I was cut from 10cm above my belly button down to the pubic bone, I started to bleed out and they inflated the balloons in my arteries to prevent too much blood loss, I had to have 2 transfusions in total. I did loose my uterus, which I didn't mind too much as the twins were my 5th and 6th children and they told me that they didn't think it would be possible to save. I too woke up in the ICU completely attached to all sorts, oxygen, morphine (oh how I hate that stuff), drains, I had these blow up compression type things on my legs and I felt horrible, alive but horrible. I didn't see my twins for 2 days as I was too sick, then finally they wheeled my bed into the NICU and because of all the drugs I couldn't focus I just saw little pink things clinging to life and all the machines hooked up to them. It was awful. I spent 4 days in the ICU then was transfered to High Dependency for 3 days then finally down to the Maternity ward, 3 days there and I went home. My twins remained in the NICU for 8 weeks in Sydney then finally transfered to my local hospital and came home in the September 08. I took a long time to recover both physically and emotionally but I'm a Survivor and my gorgeous twins are healthy and turning 3. Heres to us survivors :)


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Hi Aleks,
Sorry you find yourself in this community, it sounds like you had a hard time... I too have posted my story on here, but since doing it, I have read over my medical notes from the hospital and have now filled in all of the blanks... It took me a VERY long time to recover emotionally from my Incretta, my little girl is now 19 months old and I feel great! If I were you, I would follow the 'no more babies' order, but that is just me...... I saw the heartache my family and other kids went through and the trauma the complication caused me, that even if I could have children still (I had a hysterectomy), I couldn't go through that again... I had to stay in ICU for 4 1/2 days, I had a 1.5L bleed straight after giving birth (I never had any abdo surgery and my Incretta was found after I gave birth and everything was emergency), once in ICU, I had another bleed out from my right Femoral Artery, this bleed was 2.4L in size, at this point, my husband was told to ring immediate family as the surgeons did not know if I was going to survive, in total, I was given a 9Unit blood transfusion plus numerous other bags of fluids and I was extremely sick, hence the 4 1/2 days in ICU...
I am glad that you and your little boy came out of all this ok in the end...

Take care

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