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Sustainable Living and Parenting

Support and ideas for a more environmentally friendly way to live and parent. Anything from consumerism and affluenza to what is in my child's meds to green cleaning to what diaper is appropriate for my needs and the environment to organic foods and products to locally grown ideas to chemicals found in common baby items.


Dangers of Head Lice Shampoo

With school back into swing I wanted to provide some information about the dangers of head lice shampoo (very toxic pesticide). You can read the story and journey of a mother...


Mom of 2 from Wisconsin

Hi, I am a stay at home mom of 2 daughters who are 5 and 12. My husband works so that I can be home for the kids and do school activities with them and take my oldest to dance...


Spruce Oil

I found that using spuce oil for bug bites and minor first aid issues works amazingly well!!! Anyone else?


A good gardening book

Hi, I'm new to the community and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good gardening book. My husband and I just moved from a busy area in Florida to a very VERY small...


New to gardening

My husband and I really want to start a garden this year, but are clueless as to what to do. I'd love some suggestions or the name of some helpful books or websites. Thanks!


Greening the holidays

One of the best ways we can shrink our environmental footprint this holiday season is by buying second-hand gifts or "re-gifting" things we no longer need but that someone in...


Hubby not diggin it so much.

Hi there. I need some advice amongst other relationship issues we've been having I'm finding that my husband isn't totally with the idea of being a sustaining family. He thought...


The Story of Stuff

This is an excellent run down of what this consumer driven economy is doing to our earth and how we can make a difference. Great one for older kids to watch too.


living off the grid

Are any of you gals living off the grid? We are in the process of planning our dream house and that is a goal of ours. We're trying to figure out our appliance needs and how...