Sustainable Living and Parenting

Support and ideas for a more environmentally friendly way to live and parent. Anything from consumerism and affluenza to what is in my child's meds to green cleaning to what diaper is appropriate for my needs and the environment to organic foods and products to locally grown ideas to chemicals found in common baby items.


I wish TX was more Green.

I feel that TX is horrible with recycling. It's hard to find facilites near-by and the only place I can take things to be recycled is Wal-Mart. I've been improving my...



I really would like to start vermicomposting and I am just not sure about it. I need to read some success stories and hopefully I can start myself. So anybody doing it and can...


lists of bad chemicals

i have been trying to find somewhere, anywhere a nice easy to understand list of chemicals/preservatives/metals/etc that are in common household products like medicines,...


Cloth Diapers?

Does anyone have any tips for using cloth diapers or anything that has worker well for them? I am just worried about cleaning out the "dirty" diapers,


cleaning hardwood floors

Anyone out there have a good idea about how to clean hardwood floors (and have them look nice) without harsh chemicals. My hardwood floor guy told me to use windex without...


Seed Preservation

Does anyone save their seeds from year to year? I tried saving some peas from last year and they didn't do very good. I want to do more because I think that's what going to be...


Project WET and Project WILD

If you are having a difficult time getting your child(ren), families, neighbors, youth organizations, etc to undertand the importance of conservation and respecting our Earth i...



happy to hear any tips you have! we've done all our invites and holiday cards electronically to save paper this year. we use cloth, re-givable gift bags. and we recycle,...


issues with electric heat

i rent and do not have too many options in terms of heating... each month's rent has been LOTS more than the one before. i don't get it. yes, it is cold up here in wisconsin...


Natural Pediatrician

Hello! Does anyone know of a loving and thorough doctor in Detroit for my kids that are natural/wholistic in their approach. Please help! Thanks Jess