Dangers of Head Lice Shampoo

April - posted on 10/11/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




With school back into swing I wanted to provide some information about the dangers of head lice shampoo (very toxic pesticide). You can read the story and journey of a mother who tragically lost her son because of the use of head lice shampoo.


She turned her tragic loss into a mission to educate parents of the danger of using head lice shampoo and ways to naturally prevent and treat head lice. She provides ways to safely treat head lice by using things like mayonnaise to smother the lice and remove nits.


The leading lice shampoo contains a potent pesticide called LINDANE, which has been known to cause vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, liver damage and many other health issues. LINDANE has been banned in 18 countries and severely restricted in 10 others.

I hope this information was helpful and while Jesse's story is a tragic one, his mother has tried to turn his loss into a way to educate parents about the dangers of head lice shampoo and ways to effectively treat lice without exposing children to harmful chemicals. Her site is very informative. www.headlice.org

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My daughter has come home from school with headlice AGAIN. Because she has epilepsy and asthma, all I can use is conditioner and a nit comb, and due to a very over active thyroid her hair is already thinning and this constant combing is making it worse. Let's re introduce the school nit nurse and ensure that children with lice are not brought back into school until they are clear. Someone is not checking their kids hair and it's the rest of us that pay the price.

Erica - posted on 12/12/2011




We hired a professional "nitpicker" who came and manually removed the lice from our heads. It totally worked!

Katrina - posted on 06/29/2011




my daughter got lice & I did use the lice shampoo once, but it burned her, so I've been searching for other ways to get rid of them. I finally found an all natural shampoo that killed them. I am sooooooo happy, and this doesn't burn like vinegar or make me sick like mayo does.

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