Talent Industry- How to get your child involved in a family agency

Manikin Model & Talent Agency is an international commercial family agency that books ages 6 months- senior citizens and can offer support and assistance when looking to get your child or family member into the entertainment business. With 30 years experience, we can help you go in the right direction- or if we can't we have great relationships with lots of industry professionals, and we can steer you in the right direction. Manikin is a licensed agency, not a school, so we offer a direct way to get involved. Manikin focuses on it's talent as a family and as a ROCKSTAR team. To view all the current castings, please download the free Manikin Agency App. Lic# TA-1055 If you wish to submit your child to the agency, please email Newbie@manikinmodels.com for an agency application. Otherwise, please leave your question or comment below so an agency director or booking agent can assist you. We believe in Paying it forward, and family support. Thanks to all those moms who make their kids careers happen!