what is the perfect way to encourage my 6 years son to involve in the education process?


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Mary - posted on 02/14/2009




Make learning fun and celebrate the journey- each accomplishment is important as it becomes the foundation to whom he will become.  Try to make it as natural as possible...if needing help with reading- give him fun roles of helping with writing grocery lists and finding items at the store, helping with making dinner by looking at recipes together, and then of course, read books on topics he is interested in. If math, use household items to add, subtract to change the scenery a little and the manipulation of using those items will help him build the concepts. I also used driving time in the car to do fact drills...made us get where we were going faster and the scenery while driving, kept them from getting bored with reciting math facts and spelling words/rhymes. And, then, of course, share your love and passion- share your stories of growing up, learning- the struggles and accomplishments. Create a scapbook together so he can see how much he has learned already. 

:) Mary

Marj - posted on 02/13/2009




Just becasue of past experience, do not push it on your son. He will evenutally hate it. Have fun play educational games and he will learn to love it.

Naglaa - posted on 02/12/2009




Thanks for your advice , if you any ideas for the games or the books . please inform me about it .


Stephanie - posted on 02/12/2009




I am a kindergarten teacher and work with five and six year olds every day. I would suggest that you encourage educational activities at home by making them family "games", projects and activities. there are many ways to make the learning process fun and enjoyable, but kids learn first from seeing their parents and family members enjoying learning too. Play to his interests by finding things that he wants to learn more about, get some books about that topic from a library, and most importantly be interested with him!!

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