how do i cope with giving birth to a stillborn?


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Gabrielle - posted on 11/19/2010




Try not to stress (thats the key thing). It's gonna be hard but try not to think about it so much because the more you think about it, the more problems you will have and the longer it will take you to cope with it.

Nicole - posted on 11/17/2010




i've been there, and it was super tough! Help and support from my family and friends is what got me through. Keep anything you feel is sentimental. I have a box in the closet with her baby book, photo album with pictures of her, a few dresses i wanted to keep, and so on. I couldn't look at babies or baby clothes for a while. I would break down in tears walking by the infant section in Walmart. But it did get easier, and i know she's being taken great care of where she's at now and you have to think the same.There's not much more i can tell you, except that it takes time to heal. I got pregnant a few months later and had a very successful pregnancy. I now have a wonderful 19 month-old little boy. Good Luck, and I'm here if you need to talk :)

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