Teen parent need help!!!!

I am only 16 turning 17 this year, but I live in my own apartment with my husband and baby and we have a lot of bills. First, the car payment. Second, house bill. Third, electricity. Fourth, insurance for the car. Fifth, all the things we have to buy for my baby. And lastly, all mine and my hubby's wants and needs too. Before you guys think, then why did you move out on your own if you can't handle it, well, I was forced to move out by my parents and his sister kicked us out because I got pregnant at an early age with the youngest son, by the way he's 3 years older than me. Well, we are living off only food stamp cause we are not eligible for cash aid anymore since they say my hubby makes too much which he doesn't at all, he's the only one that works and I've been so stressed out with going to independent or regular school and taking my baby with me everywhere since I never have a ride except the bus, I want to drop out of school. I feel like this because I'm failing school, I have a lot of F's and hate going to school because I don't want the teachers to keep looking down on me, no matter how hard I try to stay strong it can't do it no more even if people tell me to still look up I can't, because I have to take care of my family and it stresses me out and I feel like I will have to go to continuation school. My hubby says I need to find work, but how will I do that if I don't have a work permit due to horrible grades, I know that if I drop out I will go back to school a year or two from now because I want to focus on work and my baby. Please give me your opinion. Also, if I quit school but try to find a job to work, will they cut off my foodstamp, note I'm legally married but underage... Please help me, I can't take school any longer due to their pressure.