13 months old AND NOT SLEEPING

Clare - posted on 11/22/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Since the day Devyn, my 13 month old son, was born, he has not slept through a single night. He was colicy, then he started getting teeth, then separation anxiety, and now more teeth. I need advice. I haven't slept in about 18 months cause the last 3 month of my pregnancy were hell. The dr. told me that he will eventually find his "rhythem"... but I cant wait for EVENTUALLY. Im about to be going off the deep end. HELP!


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Heather - posted on 12/15/2010




For the colic there is a thing you can by its made by little remedies it has a blue label tht stuff works miracles. my daughter is almost 16mo old and has slept through the nite since she was 2mo old and i just had my son about 2 weeks ago and he only wakes up once during the nite. You need to get a rhythem going start by making a plan mine was bottle, bath, lavendar lotion, bottle, bed and then when my daughter got bigger she got a book before bed and after you get your routine down and keep with it like making them go to bed the same time every nite it will stick and if they cry let them cry it out beleive me once they figure out that you are not going to come in and pick them up they will go to bed and they will sleep throught the nite.

Jodie - posted on 11/30/2010




apart from seeking support thru here, you could try and seek support within your community,its ok to reach out for help in your community,maybe a plunket nurse,or whatever there are too you guys in the u.s.a.yes what you are going thru,is very stressful,and at times,maybe lonely for you,if you dont have a huge support network,course as any mum,we wont the best for our kids,sometimes the best isnt in you.as i could imgine you feel like giving up,but you know you cant,and that i admire of you,being a young mum.reach out to family and friends,maybe the father for support,a situation like yours,happens daily for some mums,you are not alone,my best advice i can possiable give you,its to ring and reach out for support,like mothers club,something that will help you and your son.yes its very hard raising kids,when you are young,but there is help,out there,you just need to find some support links,you may find one online,im not sure.if its any help,i havent had a proper sleep,for 16yrs,as that is how old my oldest is,i had her at 19.so i know how you are feeling,i had two of them by the age of 22.so you are not alone thru this, ok. just be strong,and see what support networks are out there to help you.you need the help and the support,its ok to ask for help ok hun.dont ever think it anit,course it is.and by reaching out now,is the best way to go,and thats why my adivce,is to reach out for help, in your community ok,good luck,i hope i've helped in some way.all the best,jodie white,from hamilton,new zealand.

Julie - posted on 11/30/2010




I hope you do not work. If you have a husband - STOP WORKING!!! That baby needs YOU!
Calm your life down and baby will be calm...
If your baby is well let him cry out one, two maybe three nights and he will start sleeping through the night. I had to do this and beliveer me, I cried right along with baby but the 3rd night was HEAVEN when she slept through the night ♥ (yours will be too ... its best for BOTH of you!) ♥

Chloie - posted on 11/23/2010




aybe u would be one of the people ideal to go into a mother baby centre to help the baby sleep it will kill you to do that

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Tried filling his tummy? IMy daughter wakes up if she hasn't had enough to eat. Or try giving him a bottle of warm water when he wakes and see if he'll settle with that, eventually he'll realise thats all he's gonna get and just go back to sleep. Other than that, just try to sleep when he does to keep your strength up.

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my son is almost 10 months and is the same he still cries every single nap time (twice in the day and bedtime) and jut when i think he is starting to sleep better he learns something new (this time is standing in the cot) so then we are back to square one he wont sleep in any other cot but his even though i have been trying to teach him to sleep in other places since he was only a month old doctors have said the same thing to me to that he will eventually get better

does bub have any sleeping aids (i.e. a dummy or teddy) coz i know my sons problem is waking up and wanting the dummy put back in but he wont go to sleep without the dummy and i just dont have the will power to take it off him

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