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Sara - posted on 12/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




In the community description you will see that I'm attempting to use this site as a resource for inspiration to develop a blue print for a Mommy & Me group in my home town, in a very rural area.

I want to focus the group on physical fitness. We'll have different workout demonstrations, such as pilates with baby, yoga, dance. I'm planning a 2 part day at the pool trip where part one would be an educational lecture and CPR class, and part 2 would be a fun swim day at the town pool....

This group is also largely focused on the mental health of mom's, supporting each other and helping cope with issues like PPD, money, men, and of course our kids.

It will consist of educational lectures, physical activities, Q & A discussions with certified dietitians and other pros in their field, crafts, play, and hopefully field trips... assuming we get the state funding we need to really make this work.

But I need your help and ideas!!! so please join and start discussing :)


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Valerie - posted on 01/02/2010




Among many other things, I am a parenting coach and use a very specific model...i was a teen mom years ago...I would highly encourage you to use The Virtues Project model in your program...where are you located? this model will help grow the self-esteem in mom and with discipline...setting rules...and much more...feel free to contact me here or at good luck with this...happy to help any way i can

Joanna - posted on 12/30/2009




hmmm, well one thing that i did when i was pregnant that kept my baby and me health that also helped with labor was wallking. after pregnancy though i was breastfeeding and you lose weight when you do so...aftre i stopped i still ate like i was and gained pretty much all my wieght back and with my baby taking up so much time and school taking up the rest im not really sure what i can do to get to where i wanna be with my wieght. and i really want to set a good example or exercise and eating healthy food for my son but im not sure how, any suggestions?

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