most mother and todler groups are older mums are there any especially for teenage mums?


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Laura - posted on 11/26/2011




There's maybe one or two in my area, but not as close as 'normal' one which is literally 5 mins down the road from me, so we just go to that one. I still get a bit nervous as I'm by far the youngest there, but I go for my kids to interact, and if someone approaches me (I'm shy and don't approach people usually) then that's a brilliant added bonus :)

Jessica - posted on 11/21/2011




hey dont feel so bad about the "married" old mum thing. im 19 and married with my first just born, and in my group the youngest. And i still get treated like a bad person. even thou me and my partner have been together 6 yrs. so u cant win

Stifler's - posted on 01/21/2011




Being in an older mothers group is great. They aren't petty or bitchy or "ooh my kid is eating rice cereal already and crawling" like most of the mums my age are. They are smart and fun and know things about things.

Casey - posted on 01/19/2011




their are some. In the US but they are few and far between. As sad as it is its true. I wish there were more.

Kim - posted on 01/06/2011




i know how you feel. i used to bring my son to a group and he loved it. he would make friends and i would try and get play dates for him but all of the mothers where older and didnt want to hang out with an 18 year old. i just stoped going. im sure there is a group for teen moms though. i would look at you librery or town hall and see what they say

Jodie - posted on 12/04/2010




there probably are,but you not what i think you should,to hell with those older women,they only judge us mums,course we are kids having kids,if you firmly beleive you are just as good as mum as they claim to be.then go forth all you teenager mums and prove all those stuck up mums that you are good mums.yeah you may get dirty looks,honestly dont worry,if anything the older women are probably more scared of us.course we get to grow up with our kids,im 36,with a 16yr old and 13yr old,i got downed on,but i didnt let those stuck up mums get in my way of parenting,infact,i started to make myself available to help other mums,and thats where the rewards lie.they are scare course,we are kids having kids,and as we grow with our childern,we are still young in our 30s,and still live our life,like teenagers still,so our kids grow up,learning how to be street smart,and street wise,and older mums in their 30s have kids from birth to 7.when our kids become teenagers,there is wickard side to having kids young,you grow to be there friend and mum too,when they become teenagers themself. i dont regert having my kids young,like i said im right out kool mum,my daughters mates think i dont worry bout those older women,they just live in a very barbie world of being perfect,no such word as perfect,so the next time you get a dirty look,just simply reply,not all of us have a perfect life,then be smart and say, not even,trust me they will not know what to say,but be fuk wits,you and your child have every right to be at a group like that,why should you teenagers,by put aside,i tell ya what,i live in new zealand,and not many ppl are judged on their age,some stuck up bitches,but they are you girls stand up to rites,dont let a bunch of probably mental mother,that hide behinde their husbunds gold card,and their flash dinners,and nice homes scare you girls away,course trust me even rich stuck up cows,have their is a very true factor,and ive proven it.i brought someone down to their high manitence crap,to the real person,be bold and be apart of a group,you never know,you may get a suprize.dont go in feeling negative,go in strong and belwildered,just play the game better,if they start being bitches,just play it better than be okay,dont let them scare you are away,good luck,love jodie from hamilton,new zealand.

Jessica - posted on 11/14/2010




Try starting your own group? Maybe talk to a social worker at your hospital and see if they'll help you put something together. The 3 ladies that run my group are social workers and its pretty much a group therapy session while our babes have a play date

Alyssa - posted on 11/13/2010




There is none in my area either yet there are many teenage moms. Makes no sense. I don't feel any different then older moms but I feel like they are the ones who are uncomfortable\ awkward. Also sometimes I feel looked down upon because I didn't do it the "right way" in societies eyes ( marriage and then children)

Debby - posted on 11/13/2010




thats exactly how i feel like i dont belong yet i dont seem to be able to find any just for teenage mums in my area

Jessica - posted on 11/13/2010




one of the girls in my young mother's group had been going to one for older mom's. she said it was really awkard and that she felt like she didn't belong.

Brooke - posted on 11/12/2010




we have a local young mums group. I never have gone and probably never will. Most of the mothers there palm there children off to the other mums whilst they go out fro a smoke etc. I would rather go to a play group with older mothers. I dont see myself any different just because of my age.

Jessica - posted on 11/12/2010




I'm in a group called connecting young moms in Beverly, MA. I love it, probably the only thing I look forward to every week. I've only known the girls in the group since march and they're my best friends.

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