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yo will get there!

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Hey girls!
I just wanna share my story. I sort of became a teen mum when i was 17- i say sort of because i was actually a step-mum to a newborn baby, who i helped to take responsibility for. then at 19 i got pregnant. so at the moment we are a young parents (im 21, my partner is 22) with a 4 and a half year old and a 20 month old. throughout these years i have worked hard at school and uni, and am now just 8 months away from finishing my degree in psychology and diploma in child and adolescent psychology =) and whats even more exciting is we have decided to try for another baby in a few months time!
The point of my message is that even if life takes a different course than planned, it all works out in the end. being a teen mum is hard, but it is rewarding and if you work hard you can still get what you want out of life. Dont give up!! And this is proof that WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT FAILURES!! Good luck to you all =)


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That is so cool! Good on you! And your new man sounds amazing, go him for being a Dad to you son =) All the best, you can do it!

Shameka - posted on 01/13/2011




I am encouraged by your story. I had my son when
I was 14....and his dad has never been around and has now agreed to relieve himself of his parental rights.
I have been with the most amazing guy and we got engaged this summer. He himself has kids and I have Phoenix and he asked to adopt him. He is amazing and suportive . I am in school and want to be a midwife and eventually a ob/gyn. He lets me give nothing less of my best. I have been lucky to have the oppurtunity to care and raise my son finish school and one day follow my dreams.

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