6 month refusing to eat solids and also now refusing bottle completely

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My 6 and a half month old baby picked up a bug after his first week in a daycare. He had a tonsil infection, ear infection and vomitting with high fever. He was kept in hospital overnight for a drip. One week later he is doing fine but now he has a runny stomach. He has practically no appetite and I can feel that his gums is swollen, red and sore. But my worry is that he is refusing to drink during the day when I am at work from the bottle and only drinks from me in the evening and early morning. He refuses to take in any solids . In previous times he had no problem drinking from the bottle but I have never been able to get him interested in porridge, veggies or any solid foods wether home made or Purity.
Despite his lack of drinking he seems to be fine but I am still very worried as it has been a week.


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well, i guess the first thing i'd ask is: how are his diapers? normal amount of wets/poops?
secondly: what has the day home had to say about his eating habits while he's with them?
third: any changes in his physical appearance/attitude? is he getting pale? losing weight or looks like loss of fat? increased grumpiness or fatigue?
and: any fever? rash (mouth or bum from teething)?
i would certainly keep an eye on his gums. it may be teething, and hopefully that is all. or it may be an infection considering he's been ill recently. make an appointment for him. try cold chews, oral gel, consider tylenol in the meantime.
good luck with the solid food... don't give up, keep trying. but each kid is unique... my near 7month old daughter really doesn't want anything to do with meat/veggies yet, so we have to be creative. a little brown sugar or corn syrup goes a long way to changing her mind!

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