I am exhausted.

Sharon - posted on 12/16/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm so friggen tired. I've been in sleep deficit ever since I worked closing & opening. I haven't been able to get to bed early enough or sleep in long enough at all.

Something is always going on/wrong.

Most of it has been minor.

Yesterday I needed to go to Tucson to shop at Costco and hit some of the stores there to look for the Princess Ariel horse. And.... to give my brother a huge wad of cash so he could buy the PS3 and some games I've been against for a long time. Of all years, this is NOT the year to splurge on something that huge. Because my brother is a huge techy geek we got stuck at the store for hours, and he was late getting there so I was WAAAAAYYYYYYY late getting home.

I futzed around for a bit then I had to crash out. Just before I went to bed I realised I couldn't find our smallest and youngest cat. She has NEVER been outside for any length of time. ok she was lost for 2 days once before.

I wasn't comfortable with not being able to find her but occasionally she gets into weird places and can't be found. Then at 3am I heard a cat fight outside. I struggled to wake up, get dressed, find the flashlight and dashed outside barefooted.

I heard crashing through the brush but I couldn't see what it was. I searched the house all over. At this time of the night the cats are all curled up with us. one cat per kid - its just the way the cats do it. Only she was missing. I stayed up till 5 am looking for her outside in the freezing cold.

I finally decided to get some sleep in and to look for her in the morning. I don't know when I fell asleep but I do know I woke up when my son's alarm went off at 5.20am. UGH. I never did really fall back to sleep. Nightmares of her hiding in cactus, in trees, coyotes howling.. omg...

I'm angry as hell as my husband this is ALL HIS FAULT. He's the one who refuses to put new screens out made out of hardware cloth instead of actual screen. He's the one who is soooo fucking stupid he can't remember to shut a bathroom window. HELLO??? If you can't remember to shut the fucking window, DON'T OPEN IT! Sit there in your own goddamned stink and suck it up you stupid fucker.

This cat also hardly ever meows. She can, she does but its rare and its weak.

I've been home all day with my front door wide open hoping she'll come in. My heater has been off, (why bother?) and we're freezing. My feet are in two pairs of socks and my hiking boots and they're still freezing.

WE FOUND HER. my husband hasn't been allowed in the house all day. Oh not only has she been missing but I got a flat tire. I had a flat week before last and my tires needed to be special ordered so my spare has been on. I have no spare tire. My precious truck couldn't go anywhere. Hubby had to take both tires into town (the tires finally came in) to be replaced. Just one more thing... anyway... it was just another shitty point to my day. Being overly tired hasn't helped.

Henny hoo.... while we were in town I bought a staple/brad gun & some hardware cloth. When hubby comes home tomorrow, he'll have a surprise ..... fuck the walls. I'm not loosing another damn cat!!

::: sigh :::: ladies? I'm taking my tired cranky ass to bed and tomorrow I'm going to hunt down that damn princess pony!!


back to edit/add... I had to take a break to bandage her wounds. She has painful scratch on her nose, a hole in her ear and some crusty wounds on her back.

But I was going say that my husband hasn't been allowed in the house all day, despite helping me with my flat tires and taking me to town. but knowing how angry we were at him (even my kids know better than he does) he has been outside in the dark & cold with a flashlight looking for her and he is the one who found her.

So he is now our HERO again, and he's basking in the praise and back rubs and nudging me about something extra.... yeah, not tonight buddy, I'm happy the cat has been found but I'm still fucking tired!!! lol


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Krista - posted on 12/17/2009




My cat once pulled a huge hairball, skin and all, off his body. The vet said that as long as the neosporin (polysporin, whatev) is on for 20 minutes, it's done it's job.

Glad the cat is back. Do you think I could pretend that my husband lost our cat so that he can't go to sleep and snore VERY loudly in my ear?

Sharon - posted on 12/17/2009




LOL I was tired! That post is soooo choppy sounding.

Thanks guys. I kept waking up to pet the found kitty, to reassure myself she was here & ok. We checked her over pretty good and got peroxide and neosporin on everything, hopefully she's not in a mood to lick it off.

One time another of our cats got into a fight when he escaped the house and yep, two days later a claw that was ripped out blared up into a major infection. I had to pull the scab off his toe, squeeze the nasty stuff out, bathe in peroxide, let it dry, then an alcohol swipe, then neosporin... ever try to keep a bandage on a cats foot?? OY.

Mary - posted on 12/17/2009




Oh, Sharon! huge (((HUGS))) to you, and to baby kitty!

I'm sure you already know this, but keep an eye on her...my parent's cat (and the only one in our life since my Gatsby died) was recently in an fight. They didn't realize it at first, but he just wasn't himself, seemed sore and a bit remote. 3 days later he had a huge lump in the middle of his back. The took him to the vet...and he had 3 bites (cat) that had gotten infected. He spent 3 days at the vets - she had to drain the wounds, give him IV antibiotics and fluids. He's home now, and on the mend, but his whole back is shaved, they have to clean the wounds 2x/day, and he is still on antibiotics by mouth. The vet told my mom that another day or say and he would have died. I most sincerely hope your cat doesn't go through all of that! The worst part is that the little bugger is desperate to get back outside, and is haunting every door in the house hoping to sneak past someone, and howling at them constantly in frustration.

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