murder for fun

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WTH is this world coming to?,0,5183550.story

Teen Says TV Show Inspired Him to Murder Little Brother

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indiana 17-year-old who told authorities he identified with a television serial killer said strangling his 10-year-old brother satisfied a craving like a hungry person eating a hamburger, according to court documents.

Andrew Conley of Rising Sun showed no remorse or emotion as he described choking to death Conner Conley as the two wrestled Sunday, a probable cause affidavit said.

He told investigators the child's last words were "Andrew, stop."

Conley said he dragged his brother's body to his car before driving to see his girlfriend, who told investigators the teen "seemed happy, more happy than she had seen him in a while," according to the affidavit. Conley said he dumped the body near a park in the Ohio River community about 90 miles southeast of Indianapolis.

"Sometimes people are just evil," Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard said. "This is an evil child."

Prosecutors filed preliminary charges of murder against Conley along with a supporting affidavit Thursday. He is being charged as an adult and will appear Friday in court, Negangard said.

Conley's family did not return messages for comment Thursday. Negangard said Conley had an attorney but none was listed in the affidavit.

The teen told investigators he had had fantasies about killing someone since he was in eighth grade, including cutting somebody's throat, and felt "just like" the serial killer Dexter on the Showtime television series of the same name.

"Like I had to ... like when people have something like they are hungry and there is a hamburger sitting there and they knew they had to have it and I was sitting there and it just happened," Conley said in the affidavit.

The slaying comes weeks after Missouri investigators say a 15-year-old girl, Alyssa Bustamante, told them she strangled, stabbed and cut a 9-year-old neighbor's throat because she wanted to know what it was like to kill someone. A not guilty plea has been entered on Bustamante's behalf for charges of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

The affidavit in Conley's case described him killing his brother before visiting his girlfriend and other friends. It said:

The two brothers were wrestling while their parents were at work. Conley put Conner in a headlock, causing the younger boy to pass out and fall to the floor. Conley dragged Conner to kitchen, put on a pair of gloves and choked the boy for about 20 minutes until he noticed blood flowing from Conner's nose and mouth.

Conley put a plastic bag over his brother's head, secured it with black electrical tape, and dragged the body by its feet down steps to the basement and then from the home to his car. Conley struck Conner's head on the ground several times before putting the body in the trunk of the car.

With the body still in the trunk, Conley drove to his girlfriend's house and gave her a sweetheart ring.

Negangard said he will consider seeking the maximum prison term of life without parole. Conley's age makes him ineligible for the death penalty.

"I believe Andrew Conley is a dangerous person," Negangard said.

Conley also told investigators that on the morning of Conner's death, he stood over his sleeping father with a knife and thought about killing him. Conley went to police Sunday night, admitted killing Conner and told investigators where to find the body.

The teen had no juvenile record and his teachers considered him a good student, Negangard said.

"This kid, Conner, was a good kid, and Andrew was an A and B student," he said.


Girl, 15, Charged as Adult in Murder

Police Say She Killed 9-Year-Old to 'Know What It Felt Like'

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Nov. 18) - Blessed with a Friday off school, 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante dug two holes in the ground to be used as a grave, authorities said. For the next week, she attended classes, all the while plotting the right time for a murder, they said.

That time arrived the evening of Oct. 21, when Bustamante strangled 9-year-old neighbor Elizabeth Olten without provocation, cut the girl's throat and stabbed her, prosecutors said. Why?

"Ultimately, she stated she wanted to know what it felt like," Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Rice testified Wednesday during a court hearing over the slaying.

Rice, who interviewed Bustamante in the days after Elizabeth's disappearance, said she confessed to investigators and led them to the fourth-grader's well-concealed body in a wooded area near their neighborhood in St. Martins, a small town west of Jefferson City.

A Cole County judge ruled Wednesday that Bustamante, who has been held in Missouri's juvenile justice system, should be tried as an adult. Hours later, the teen was indicted on adult charges of first-degree murder and armed criminal action for allegedly using a knife to kill Elizabeth. A judge later entered a not guilty plea on Bustamante's behalf and referred her to the public defender's office.

The court proceedings marked the first time that the suspect in Elizabeth's death had been publicly identified since a two-day search for the girl by hundreds of volunteers. When they found Elizabeth's body Oct. 23, authorities only said that a 15-year-old had led them to it and was in custody for the slaying.

Bustamante remained largely expressionless as she sat with her hands shackled around her waist in court Wednesday. She occasionally looked down beneath the brown bangs that covered her eyes and swallowed hard as a judge read the charges against her.

On one side of the courtroom sat her mother and grandmother, who has been Bustamante's legal guardian for about half of her life. On the other side sat Elizabeth's mother, relatives and friends, several of whom wore pink — Elizabeth's favorite color.

Bustamante was ordered held without bond pending her trial. If convicted of first-degree murder, she would be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Witnesses at Bustamante's adult certification hearing described a girl who was bright yet depressed and clever in a sometimes sneaky sort of way. She ranked in roughly the top third of her class at Jefferson City High School, the principal said, and had been in no trouble at school or with the law.

Yet Bustamante had tried to commit suicide at age 13 and had been receiving mental health treatment for depression and cutting herself, said David Cook, the chief juvenile officer in Cole County. Once, she led her family to believe she was attending a local church event when she instead sneaked off to a concert in St. Louis, about two hours away, Cook said. On one or two other occasions, Bustamante spent the night in the woods without permission, he said.

After her arrest, Bustamante tried to cut herself with her own fingernails while being held in juvenile custody, said her appointed juvenile defense attorney Kurt Valentine.

He argued Bustamante should remain in the juvenile system, where she could potentially be rehabilitated before being set free by age 21. Valentine warned that Bustamante would either kill herself or be assaulted and killed by others if she were placed in an adult jail cell or prison.

"We are throwing away the child and we are signing a death sentence for Alyssa," Valentine said. "She is not going to survive her time in the Cole County jail."

Cole County Sheriff Greg White said later that Bustamante would be held at a different, undisclosed location.

Cook recommended Bustamante be tied as an adult. Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem agreed, saying the killing was vicious and that the state had no adequate facilities or services to treat Bustamante if she remained in the juvenile system.

Bill Heberle, with the Missouri Division of Youth Services, testified that the state has no secure facilities with fences for female juveniles. Youths in Missouri's juvenile system generally are housed in group settings and are not typically watched by staff 24 hours a day, he said.


Honestly? Kill them both. I'm sorry, you can't save either one. The only way to protect themselves from the heinous crimes they've committed is to convince themselves they don't have hearts. "IF" they actually have souls at all. They absolutely ZERO empathy obviously. And knowing right from wrong means jackshit to them.

If they're going to be left alive, they should be sterilized and tossed into General population to sink or swim. Maybe before they're raped to death they'll figure out what compassion is.


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Yeah I knew a family like that growing up.

The fatass mom - she was REALLY fat - sat in the dark on a lazyboy recliner all day long. they had one or two dogs, 4 kids. All 4 were born with some weird congenital disorder that was going to kill them before they were 20yrs old. The oldest had already died. the next oldest was 16? or 17? A lot older than I was at the time. he smoke, drank and had sex in his front yard. The third child was closer to my age but a bit younger than me. I used to catch him torturing animals all the time.

No matter how many times military police were called to her home the woman always excused her kids behaviour with "boys will be boys." "they have so little joy" I only saw their dad a couple of times, and one of those times he nearly killed a cat and didn't much care. We all saw the cat go inside the engine compartment and told him so, he said "watch this" and turned the truck on. The turning belts ripped off an ear and a lot of skin & fur. I started screaming and kicked him, which led to my brother kicking him and lot of kids running for their parents. He left. I only saw him once more. Most of our dads outranked him.

I quit calling the police when I caught the kid doing stuff he wasn't supposed to and just started beating his ass. Literally. I would beat the ever lovin stuffing out of him. I'm not talking about burning ants with a magnifying glass either. I mean kicking frogs to death, not little tiny toads either HUGE bullfrogs. He would kick them against peoples doors who weren't home so they would come home to find a pile of guts on their steps.

Or he would look for unlocked sliding glass doors and slam baby birds to death in them.

Little bastard.

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Yea I know a few of them too. I know one chick, if my son has to be in class with her child... I'll move so that he doesn't have to go to the same school. She is CONSTANTLY excusing her older children's horrible behavior. She has 2 children and is pregnant with the 3rd... the older one is 4 almost 5 I think and her little one just turned 1 in September............ they both show signs of being psycho. No joke either. The older one would sneak out of the house and catch cats under buckets with holes in the bottom... and then put the hose on the hole and wait for the bucket of water to fill up (upside down with the cat under it) before he would let it go and laugh at the cat practically drowning........... she said he was 'just experimenting' he didn't know what death and dying and killing meant....... but when you talk to him, he KNOWS. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing.... and his influence on the little one is obvious already.

The younger one will take your finger and wait till your not paying attention and pull it back as hard as he possibly can. His brother taught him how too and he LAUGHS so hard when people get hurt. I'm sure he doesn't REALLY get what he's doing, he's too young but with the influence of his older brother I can see these kids going too far and ending up with something VERY bad happening.

It's beyond scary. CPS has been called on them numerous times too, they are well fed, clothed, generally happy children and their mother has an excuse for EVERYTHING. (She's also only 23.)

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I honsetly think that per capita there aren't more mis-wired people than there used to be. But because our society is so "its none of my business" we ignore all those little signs.

I'll bet there were signs. but these days with a mom often not at home, kids explain away the little wrongs. The missing kitten, the missing money etc. Mom & dad are so busy making life work they just accept it. until one day WHAM! Their world falls apart.

Some stay at home moms are so deep in denial they don't see the signs either. I've known a few "my-kids-shit-don't-stink" moms and they're creepy.

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I had heard about the Alyssa thing, posted about it on DM some time ago too.... this other one is just as bad. It's awful that these kids wiring is that mixed up :(

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