so 1 puppy went to its new home today...

Sharon - posted on 12/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




...another has a deposit on it to hold it. That leaves one to be rehomed. I had hoped to get it over in one go, but I guess not.

my mom has a friend looking for a puppy so there is hope there.

I feel bad because the price sticker was on the food dishes we gave out. UGH so tacky. I was going to peel them off during the drive to Tucson but I wound up driving and I totally forgot.

I also wasn't expecting them to want to take the puppies right now. I had expected to keep them for another week.

Omg I'm such a wreck. This is the second big reason why I don't like puppies. Having to trust their lives to someone else.

Please, please, please!!! say prayers, send good vibes whatever that they get GOOD HOMES. I really liked the second set of people we met.

The guy I was emailing with owns a dance studio. This is for a woman he knows? She was there, she came out and immediately fell in love with the puppy that was left. The one we called Schmoo. Tiny & nervous and she just wanted to lavish love on him. When someone pointed out he was a really short haired dog and would need sweaters, she got really excited. OH and she's Russian. She is tiny & cute and sooo sweet! I think if they can survive puppyhood, Schmoo will have the greatest home.

The first person we met is engaged. I guess he has a 9 month old child, something they left out while we were emailing. Not that I would discriminate against that, but I would have asked more questions and offered more suggestions. She seemed kind of ... um... not airheaded but like me, prone to forgetting things when under stress. She needed to make a decision and was really nervous. She finally choose the largest puppy. He's a born couch potato I think.

I offered tons and tons of suggestions for both of them. I think the second set of people will just do whatever their veterinarian says.

I, of course, gave my phone number and told them that if ANYTHING should keep them from keepign their puppies, to please call me and we'd take them back and keep them for permanent. Its just not fair for an animal to be continually bounced from home to home. IF I came across the right situation/family I might rehome the dogs that came back. But other than that, they'd just live here.

I'll send the second couple an email tomorrow to see how the puppy is doing. I'll let the other girl know that the puppy she chose is doing well and getting his first set of shots. Then we'll keep an eye on them for the rest of the day to make sure they don't have bad reactions.

gawd I have such a headache...


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Krista - posted on 12/03/2009




I would so take a puppy if I could. However, with all the travelling we do and already with a large breed husband would KILL me.

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