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Kristin - posted on 08/29/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my son is 2yrs 4 months and he's just recently been potty trained...kind of. He stays dry all day, and goes pee on the potty all day long, but he will not poop on the potty. he was pooping in his underwear twice a day, so now we've been having him wear pull-ups so we don't have tokeep throwing underwear away. he doesn't tell us he has to go, doesn't tell us after he goes, and just walks around with poop until we notice. it's so frustrating because he's diong great peeing on the potty. I just have NO idea how to get him to start pooping on the potty. and now for some reason since he's been in underwear and pull ps he's touching his poop EVERY time he goes and making a huge mess on himself and all over our house with poop. i just need ANY suggestions on how to get him to poop on the potty. thanks!


Kristen - posted on 09/22/2010




Maybe he is just not ready. Why not just let him wear the pull-ups for awhile longer? My son didnt fully potty train until he was 3 and a half. They are still babies, I dont mean to sound rude AT ALL but whats the rush? As far as him touching it, have you tried explaining to him that its yucky and can make him sick? I told my children that they need to tell me right away if they have gone potty in their diaper/underwear because I dont want them to get a rash. That works for us. Good Luck!

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