I don't know what to do anymore?????

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Hi my name is Christina my family and i moved to houston about 4 yrs ago b/c its cheaper then florida to live and my husband used to live here before i met him. we have to kids my duaghter is 6 and will be in 1st grade and my son is 4 and stays home with me. I don't really have any friends and I hate it here and on top of that we are so broke. My husband works an i have a part time job but i can only work the 2 days that hes off and my job rarely ever schedules me sometimes i go about 2 or 3 weeks w/o working and if they do put me on its only for a few hours. I used to get food stamps and medicaid for my kids when i 1st move here and after a while they put my kids on chip and took away my food stamps b/c they say we make to much money even though we can't eve pay all of our bills for example fight now i think i have 3 bills to pay and go grocery shopping and i dont even have half of the money to pay the 3 bills. I have been having to do advances with my my bank every month just to get by but i cant do that forever I dont know what to do anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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OK breathe. Somethings gotta give, you've gotta do something. This is probably putting a strain on your marriage, and stressing your kids. If you are this stressed, and your husband is this stressed, and you're both willing to do ANYTHING, here's what you need to do. And yes, when I post on forums, I tend to write books, but bear with me:

First, get your bills together. How much of it is debt? How far in debt are you? A CHIP-level income *should* be able to get by if debt-free.

Second, look at your last 60 days of bank transactions - what are you spending money on? Prioritize that list. What, of those, are absolutely necessary? Debt/utility/housing/food yes, eating out/salon/movies no.

- Of those that are, is there a way you can reduce them? Can you refinance a car or find a cheaper place? Can you get food at the food bank? Can you reduce water/electricity usage?

- Of those that are not necessary, what can you get cheaper at thrift shops, free from charities, barter for on craigslist, or do without? Going out to eat/drink is the #1 thing people overlook that has got to be cut from the budget. Period. No McD's, no Chili's, nada. Got it?

Third, look at your assets. What can you barter or sell that you can live without? Get motivated to put price tags on them and have a garage sale or put them up on craigslist. Family is an asset - can anyone gift you money for the current bills?

Fourth, and this is the one you may not want to hear, both of you will need to get 2nd jobs until the debt is paid off. You may very well need to quit your current part-time gig to do something else. He's going to have to find something else, too. If you REALLY want to avoid bankruptcy or any impact to your credit score, you have to. Direct sales jobs are always an option, but there's always a start-up cost and you'd still need to be able to find people to market to, which requires you to get out there and meet people. If you can do that, then do your research on reputable companies and compare start-up costs, commission, etc. I'm in direct sales myself and have done a lot of homework on the subject. There are even a few your husband can do.

Find out when and on what station you can listen to Dave Ramsey. Now, I know he's brash and a conservative, but his personal finance methods work. Financial Peace University is all about making debt payoff a priority, paying off one at a time using a budget that allows for more incoming than outgoing.

After going through all of that, if you are falling behind still, consider credit counseling services and debt consolidation or save up the money to file for bankruptcy. Yup, it costs money.

Christina - posted on 09/03/2012




wic you can only get until ur 5 and he will be 5 soon and we have tried programs that help u pay bills before and ever get in but thanks

Bettsy - posted on 09/03/2012




have you tried getting WIC? i think you might be able to get it because you have your little boy. im also from houston. i went to the wic office thats on High Star St? its this blue building. i guess its like a community center, and they have social workers that fill out the forms for you and they know exactly what to put on there. theres also a wic office in the same building. theres also this other program that i read about where they give you money to pay your bills and things like that. i really hope this helps. if you want more info just let me know and ill try to get some. tc

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