The Power of a Praying Mom!

Parenting requires courage, love, persistence, and most of all, prayer. I encourage moms to turn to the Father. Put every detail of our children's lives into God's loving, capable hands. If you are having spiritual warfare involving your children then this is the community for you. I will post a new prayer, verse, or quote each day helping you become the prayer warrior for you children. Also if you have any prayer requests for your children please post them and we will agree with you in prayer.


My Step Daughter!

Dear Praying Mom's My Name Is Christina and I have a step daughter who is 12 yrs. old who has been denied any contact with her father due to her mother being self centered and...


Praying for your child's mind!

A child's ability and desire to learn cannot be taken for granted. Even while our child is stiill in the womb we can pray, "Lord, let this child be knit perfectly together...


Prayer for today!

Lord, help my children to abide in Your love. Manifest Your love to these children in a real way today and help them to receive it. Amen! "As the Father loved me, I...


Prayer for my 7 year old.

My 7 year old son has an issue with saying "he can't" to just about everything. Please pray that he will receive self-confidence. He also has anger issues, he flies off of the...