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Amy - posted on 05/15/2012




I often makes gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentines Day and Christmas. You can't miss with home baked goodies or a flower (bought cheaply at wal-mart or grown from a seed). My seven year old and I made sugar scrub. Bough some cheap (one dollar) jars that closed (though you could easily buy them at yard sales and thrift stores) put some oil (olive or any other would work), and some sugar. We put some lemon juice in the white sugar ones and honey in the brown sugar ones. Home made labels taped to the front as well as some ribbon we had laying around tied a spoon on to get the scrub out. They were a big hit. It can be all about your thoughtfulness versus how much money you spend. You can also try making coupons to trade babysitting services etc for friends and/or neighbors etc. You limit is only your imagination.

Anne - posted on 09/16/2009




I have to agree with you. Garage sales and the second day of Estate Sales are also good places to find gifts. The second day of Estate Sales are good because it usually is the last day of the sale and most things are half off the asking price, and they are more likely to bargain with you on all but a few items that they want bids placed on.

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