Toddler Mom Admin and Mods group

hey ladies this will be a place where we can catch up on the events of our group. I am sure we are all busy with our lives but I hope we can all keep in touch as I still need your help!



When Circle of Moms comes across posts from someone that asks for private emails or pictures or the likes we call those posts Trolling or the poster Trolls. If you come across...


Just a helpful suggestion

When you see old threads about "work from home opportunities" dragged up to the first page, chances are pretty good they were commented on by someone who is soliciting. Make...


Is this post a solicitation?



Hi Ladies I am wondering if anyone is on? I disapeared for awhile but things here have settled down so I will be back on from now on


Pinned thread about polls

I pinned a thread about polls because CMT didn't want anymore polls. Sorry I didn't ask you first Ashley. I should have. It just annoys me that people put these polls up....


Baby here!

Hey Ladies! My baby came on Dec 31st, finally I am getting a chance to touch base on COM. I hope you all had a great holiday and new year is going well. My son was quite a...


Getting to know each other.

Hey Ladies, I was thinking we should get to know each other and that way we wil be more likely to keep in touch with each other over the community instead of letting it go. So...


temporary Admin

Hey ladies I was told that I should assign a temporary admin for Toddler Moms while I am away with baby since some of my admin options you guys do not have... Jenni and...


No More Moderators

Hey Ladies, Alright I think I have more than my share of need help :) I really appreciate that you are here to make this easier. I will probably do what I can to keep up my end...


Deleting pages

Based on some info in the Getting to Know You thread, I have deleted 2 pages of old posts (483-485). Does anyone know how I can get rid of the empty pages?


admin warning turned bad...

So ladies, i have sent out an admin warning and in return got a bit of a lashback from the poster... just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I am dealing with it as...



We are getting complaints that our community is getting sloppy. I am wondering if anyone is still checking up on our community. I have been but for about a month I lost my...


a heads up... "Why do parents let their kids run wild" This person has put...