1 month old no passing of stool for 3 days,what to do?

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what to do if your 1 month old doesnt pass stool for 3 days?


Laila Virginia - posted on 06/21/2010




thanks mommies for all those replies....am just wondering....my baby is in alternate breastfeed and formula feed...is it just normal for her that it takes 3-4 days before she throw stool out???

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ask the pediatrician about a condition called anal stenoza. my daughter had it and was devolping signs of colic but the dr, who was super old, didn't believe in colic and did this thing to her three times and she was fine after that. Basically, he said that babies are checked in the hospital to make sure they pass stools ok, but not later and after a couple weeks of formula and living their stools harden a little. He used his pinky to open it up a little and she's been fine ever since, she'll be three in September. I hope this helps. I called a pediatric gastro-internest and he said the doc was crazy and she was only colic, but I let her doctor do what he thought was best (remember he was pushing 80) and sure enough she was fine. So if your child is crying at certain times (my daughter it was about every night around 7ish) it might not be colic, It could be that she is physically having trouble going. I tell all my friends about this, bc my old pediatrican's dad was also a pediatrician so I think there is wisdom in all those years. I hope this helps.

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If your baby is breastfed this is completely normal, some breastfed babies go a week between each bm.

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If it goes for more than a week you should consult your doctor. If your baby is constipated then a couple of things I did because my daughter was formula fed and had a heck of a time:

My doctor recommended I use baby glycerine suppositories (I cut into quarters) but don't over use!

My grandmother suggested I rub castor oil on my baby's stomach once a day which worked and I felt much better about -massage the stomach too with the sun/moon technique (right hand at 10 o'clock rubbing clockwise all the way around while the left at 4 to 12 then back to 4 as the right hand continues to go all the way around. This is following the intestinal track.

The next one seems invasive & gross but let me tell you, it really gets it coming. My nephew shot out his poop after not going for almost 2 weeks. My sister took a thermometer (thin stick kind), put KY jelly on it and inserted it only 1/4" maybe, not deep, and moved it gently in small circular motions to stimulate the colon -this worked very well but was VERY hard for me to do but you get the hang of it and my daughter (believe it or not) seemed to understand it helped so never fussed and smiled.

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I used the Karo Syrup too. I would put a spoonful in her formula once a day until she started going again. then I would stop, then start again if she got constipated again. Mysister used this also and my pediatrician said that it was fine. I used the light kind with vanilla flavor though. Worked great...just don't overdue it or they can get a little diarreah. I also did the tummy massage in circles the same way the intestinal track flows. Good luck!

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When my little ones did that I would give them one baby spoon of dark karo syrup. cleans them out

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my son had the same problem whn he was few weeks old,i breastfed nd botllefed him,as i had no enough breastmilk..wat i used was a piece of sunlight bar soap,with ur lil finger insert on the tip of her anal,nd massage hie/her tummy nd they will pass without screaming ..nd i was told by some lady that whn the baby is like dat it means he/she is not eating enough

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My daughter had breast milk and formula and she would go 3-5 days without going #2 sometimes. I would worry but when I talked to the pediatric she said it was normal and if it was much longer to take a cotton tip and put vaseline or KY gel on it and insert it only half of the tip moving in circular motions and this would help stimulate. Also massaging the stomach as mentioned by Donna above helps.

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It kinda depends on what your baby drinks, if your baby breastfeeds then i would'nt worry about it at all. One of my children would go 7 or more days before she would go. Because baby uses all the breastmilk and there really is'nt any waste. If your baby drinks formula you might try giving a little water a couple a times a day, this could help out. I have even added a little dark Karo syrup about a tsp. or so at first. The sugar can help soften it up and make it easier for baby to pass. I hope this helped a little. I know how frustrating it can be, seems like when they are little babies every thing revolves around what goes in and what comes out. Good Luck!

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Sometimes they just get stopped up for a few days. As long as they're still urinating I wouldn't be too concerned. After probably 4 or 5 days though, you might make a trip to the pediatrician. Be warned: its going to be a massive mess when they go!

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it really depends on the bubba - is the longest bub has ever been?? Has anything change in their/your diet....my sons always had vivid green pop when i ate brocolli which worried me the first time too...

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