10 1/2 month old that will not eat enough

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My daughter only wants to nurse and only when it is quiet. I work and she will only drink 1-3 oz (fresh not frozen breast milk) when I am away from her. She doesn't like baby food either. She will eat puffs or small pieces of food that she can feed herself. ( not much though) I have tried every bottle and every cup, ( from $1 - $30 bottle/cups). I want to stop breast feeding at a year, but how?? She has dropped down to 25% in weight. She will just chew on the cup or bottle, let it drain down her face, or hold her mouth tight and shake her head. And she is always constipated and don't sleep well either. Any suggestions are welcome.


Ana - posted on 12/25/2013




wow, ok, I breastfed both my daughters. I transitioned them off the breast to bottle pretty early though.

If your baby wont take a bottle or a cup you may have to resort to a little sugar.....

You can give her juice watered down, and this gets her drinking from the bottle/cup, you can give her formula and add a little sugar to it... because its sweet she may forget its a bottle and not focus on it being breast milk and and not from the breast.

I think she is just sensitive and just loves breast milk and nursing..it;s ok, my little one is that way too.. she is 11mths old... just work with her... and it's hard to eat when you have to poop, she may need to see a dr for the constipation.

My oldest was constipated and it gave her hemmorids!!! A straight nightmare for both of us...it took about 2 months for them to heal because I let her be a picky 2 yr old eater.. no more of that.. I give her smoothies, applesauce blends that are organic with veggies, that she normally would not eat, cod liver oil liquid mixed in with her juice every so often.....yeah.. I fight constipation constantly in my house with 2 toddlers..

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