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Jackie - posted on 06/27/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter will be turning 15 months old soon. She needs to be rocked to sleep, otherwise she just tosses and turns in her cribs for at least an hour. If I leave the room, she will scream nonstop!! She's slept through the night once in the last 8 months (and that's no exaggeration). She wakes up at least two times during the night and sometimes she's up for over an hour. I don't pick her up. I just stand next to her crib until she goes back to sleep. If I try to sneak out she cries like she is so scared. I don't know how to break her of needing me so much at night. Crying it out does not work. Please help.


Crystal - posted on 06/30/2010




sounds like you have a strong willed child also! what worked for me was building a very strict bedtime routine as much as i didn't want to. a snack and drink then warm bath then rocking for just a few minutes with dim lights then to the crib. keeping a night light and familiar stuffed animal and blanket in the crib helped too even though he didn't take notice to them at first. i would stand by the crib for just a few minutes at first then leave. don't say anything after your baby is in the crib. return after 10 min or so and lay them back down if you need to just so they know you're still around. sneaking away leads to fear. they need to know you're leaving and it's their bedtime. i know this is all easier said than done and it took a month before it finally worked for me. being consistent with the routine and NOT taking them out of the crib was key for me. i also let him fuss when he woke up in the night and after a few weeks he started sleeping through or at least putting himself back to sleep. i know this is alot but i hope it helps a little :) she WILL get over the crying when she knows it doesn't help!


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Christy - posted on 07/01/2010




sounds normal to me. have you tried cosleeping? If your presence is a comfort to her, then she may be less likely to wake up and cry and everyone will sleep better.

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