15 month old stopped eating solids when she got molars at 12 months

Cklebba255 - posted on 03/18/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




15 month old hates high chair, just stands up even with seat belt on. She used to eat solids really well until she got her 4 molars at 12 months, since then I can barely get her to eat any solids. Pediatrician wants her off of bottles, she drinks 4 bottles per day, about 24 ounces+, she won't drink milk out of sippy cups. I have several different types of cups and she won't drink out of any of them, other than small amounts of water or juice. I am giving her half milk and half toddler formula in bottles because I am worried about her nutrition, and she is only in 18th percentile for weight. Help!!! I am frustrated and sick of stressing about food, getting off bottles, tired of chasing her around with food to take a bite, now she wants to carry bottle around and get milk everywhere!!! I try not to make eating stressful for her, just have finger foods available half the time, doesn't eat much of that, and then feed her at regular meal times.


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