15 months old suddenly won't nap or go to sleep this past week. Any help?

Adina - posted on 09/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




We moved two months ago cross country, still slept fine. He switched to whole milk months ago ,still slept fine. He had his regular nap schedule, slept fine. He got his molars in and was teething, still slept fine. This week he won't nap(even though he's tired) and when we put him down for bed he cries FOREVER! If I go and get him he's fine. Stops crying. He'll gladly fall asleep on me. Then if I try to sleep with him he starts playing or poking me. As happy as ever. During the night he used to sleep 11 to 12 hours, this week off and on to waking up every two hours screaming. I'm at a loss here. Suggestions are SO welcome!


Kim - posted on 09/05/2013




Sometimes kids just need a little extra support or reassurance, just like adults do. Give him extra cuddles, but if you want to keep his routine you will have to be tough. I personally never could ignore my kid's cries, although with both I swore I would. They still don't want to go to bed on their own at 2 and 5, but it works for us to do what we do.

Have you ever heard of sleep regression? Your post isn't the first I have read tonight about a child that age suddenly not sleeping, and it is common at that age to start having troubles with sleep again. I hope it works out.

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