16 month old sensitivity issues or concerns?

Justthedad - posted on 07/15/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I'm looking for some perspective with our toddler. In the last month or so she has become extremely sensitive to many things but especially bedtime and night time routine/elements. When she wakes up at night, what used to be a sleepy cry for us is now a scared and sobbing episode where she can't seem to relate what is wrong, doesn't really want to be held but losses her mind if we walk even a step away from her. Similar in the mornings where she used to wake up with a smile almost, now she wakes up again upset, very sensitive to our movements and touch again. Along these lines, she senses bedtime coming and fights and just goes beserk when we enter THAT room, or THAT chair, that are associated with her bedtime routine (well established Bath, Books, Bottle/Sippy, Bed). Is this normal? Just terrible 2's? Thoughts?


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Gardensparrow - posted on 07/19/2016




Well, when our kids aren't old enough to explain their feelings it is hard to know what's going through their heads in situations like these. But, to begin with, I would suggest just running this by your pediatrician and ruling out any physical causes. But if everything checks out OK there, I have to say bedtime battles are not uncommon with toddlers :). But here's some tips (http://bit.ly/2a610jg) I read recently that may give you some guidance on responding to your daughter. Hope it helps!

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