16 month old still hooked on bedtime bottle, how do I get rid of it?? :(

Tasha - posted on 05/18/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I made the mistake of getting my daughter Hope stuck on the nightime bottle when she was little, and now I dont know how to get rid of it!!! She has only been given sippy cups during the day since she was 7 months old, but I have yet to get rid of her bottles! :( It is NOT because I do not want to, I have gotten rid of all of them except for a handful. She takes a bottle before her afternoon nap and before bed for the night. The problem is, she drinks sooo much that she has been wetting through her diaper almost every morning this week. :( She isn't even in a crib anymore, she has been sleeping in her BIG girl bed for about 2 months now, and we are even starting to work on potty training, so I think it is well time to get her off the bottle, I just dont know how to do it?? ANY advice would be helpful!!!!! :)


Karen - posted on 05/19/2010




just throw them all away hon an give her milk in a cup about an hr b4 bedtime she wnt mind if have fav programme on prob be a bit weepy at bedtime but'l soon settle dwn
try an give most fluids throu day rather than havin a big drink b4 bedtime

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My doctor had suggested to me, since my daughter was the same, to add water to the milk and do less milk. So if she has an 8oz bottle of milk a night do 6oz milk 2oz water.. and do this for a couple days then do more water less milk and so on until it's just water. She won't want to drink as much water as she will milk probably too... my daughter keeps a sippy cup of water in her room STILL she's 3.5 now. But I know that if she drinks any of it (which she rarely does) it's because she's actually thirsty as opposed to it being purely a comfort thing.

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Replace it with a snack and a smaller sippy cup of milk/juice.

That's what we did. We started by offering the milk in the sippy cup first and after 3 refusals transferred it back to the bottle.
After a couple of weeks we just removed the bottle entirely and hid ALL of them out of sight.
Snacks are anything from some crackers and cheese, to fruit or yogurt depending on what he ate the rest of the day.
We always brush his teeth before bed after snack.

Good luck!


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Andrea - posted on 05/19/2010




I agree with the other responses!! My daughter did the same thing. i never did it with my son who is older, i think i just gave in cause i was tired. you could also start to lessen the amount too, do 6oz for two days then back off to 3oz and dilute it with water. that will help.

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I agree with the others...try switching up her bedtime routine a bit. Our daughter gets a little milk in her cup w/a short video or books, brush teeth & off to bed. Limit the amount of liquids in evening & maybe give her the drink earlier before bed. She is probably just attached to the routine instead of the amount...also are you using "bedtime diapers"-that are more absorbent? or maybe try the thicker training pants over her diaper/pull-up...good luck!

K.C. - posted on 05/19/2010




There are lots of tricks. Some give to Santa or the Easter Bunny, others just take it away and that's that. My lil one was hooked on the nighttime bottle til she was over 2. We threw out all but 1 bottle. She was forever losing her bottles, so we waited til she lost that last one and told her if she couldn't find it, she couldn't use it. I snuck it in the bin once I found it. Come bed-time when she asked I explained that she had lost it so there was no bottle to give. She didn't fight it, just accepted it. Now at bed-time she wants a little drink so I put a small amount of water in a sports bottle for her, enough to quench her thirst but not enough to make her pee during the night. Good luck, I'm sure you'll receive lots of feedback on this one... ;)

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