16 months old & not talking yet...

Robin - posted on 01/27/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hello everyone!

My name is Robin and I am a 31 SAHM to a wonderful little boy named Gabriel. He was born 9/30/2010 & has been my world and the light of my life ever since. He was very unexpected but oh, so wanted!!

Well...my little man is almost 16mos old & doesn't say ANY words. He babbles A LOT & will act like he's talking to you in his babble-speech, but he does not say any meaningful words. He won't even say mama or dada to us. I am worried and a little sad. We speak to him normally (no baby talk), and we say what things are and such. When he wants down, we ask him if he wants DOWN. He DOES comprehend, tho. He will go get his ball, his juice, his binky, he will sit down, stand up, wave bye bye, and of course, he understands no and come here, and let's go.

I really just want to know what other mommy's think of this? ECI is coming out to evaluate him because his pediatrician is a little concerned that he's not saying at least mama or dada. I've read that it's not really worth worrying about till they are 2, but it seems every other baby I know of his age is saying words that are understandable and meaningful.

He's such a happy, go lucky boy. He loves running around, climbing on the furniture, going outside and collecting rocks & playing on his slide. He LOVES the animals and will meow at the kitties (and any animal for that matter LOL). He just won't TALK. Any advice/experience? He is my first child, so all I can really do is go by what is considered average.



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Alexis - posted on 02/01/2012




My little boy (19m today) is doing exactly the same thing. Babbles with inflection and tone and can hear great, but has never said "mama" or any real words. Sometimes he'll give a kiss or high five or clap his hands if I ask. He knows words like cookie and banana and milk and paci when he hears them. At his pediatrician's referral, we are taking him to be evaluated by a psychologist tomorrow for autism. SO nervous. He's obsessed with looking at his hands and walks around and around our coffee table. He has lots of little friends his age that we hang out and play with several times a week. We sign to him - he used to sign milk and more; now he just points. My heart is aching to hear him say "mama" … will he ever say he loves me? Did I do something wrong? I love him so much!

Amy - posted on 01/28/2012




My daughter is 22 months and we had an evaluation done on her at 19 months. They scored her high on language development even though the only words she would actually speak were mama, dada, and quack quack. She understands everything and can follow direction she just won't speak. They told us that one day she would probably just wake up and start speaking sentences, we're still waiting for that one day but we have a 5 year old who won't stop talking. My daughter is the complete opposite of my son, he was speaking sentences at 18 months and knew the alphabet, the difference is his motor skills are far behind. My daughters motor skills at 2 are better then my sons were at 4. Boys have a tendency to be behind in language but their motor skills are better, which sounds like the case with your son.

One of the things we have done with my daughter is taught her sign language for things that she wants and needs everyday. She signs please, thank you, milk, eat, juice, water, blanket and other things. We'll ask her questions and she shakes her head yes or no, if she wants something in the other room she grabs us by the hand and signals for us to follow her then she points to what she wants. When they do the assessment they'll give you some things to help develop language, a lot of the suggestions we got incorporate her older brother because he gets the best response in trying to get her to speak. Good luck!

Robin - posted on 01/28/2012




Thanks ladies!! And lots of Gabriel's it seems LOL!

My little guy loves to imitate facial expressions and other actions, but I really can't say that's how he learns best. He seems like a doer more than anything.

I look forward to the day I hear him say mama & when he starts saying new words everyday, that's for sure.

Hopefully ECI will have some info even if they tell me he's just fine. :)

Deborah - posted on 01/27/2012




Wow. lol.

My son, Gabriel, is 22 months. He'll say SOME words, he says Dada (he LOVES his daddy) but he doesn't say Momma or mama or any variation. I know he CAN, because I've heard it, but it's more in a 'something is wrong' situation, but he doesn't talk much. He babbles a LOT, like yours, and he has his own 'thank you' and 'welcome' words, but honestly they sound nothing like they should, it's more like the syllables and the intonation that lead me to believe that is what he is saying.

I've gotten him to say 'tato' a few times when I"m peeling potatoes, but other than repetition of the object that has his attention (truck, that's a Truck), I am pretty clueless as well. I remind myself all the time that he'll come into it in his own time. My son does have his comprehension down somewhat, but again there is no consistency to his speech.

He also jumps already, both feet off the ground, which is fairly advanced, most children his age aren't really jumping yet but he'll jump EVERYWHERE. He can also catch a ball already.

His physical development is far surpassing his sister (She's almost 4), but her psychological development 'came in' first. She was talking up a storm by this age, putting together very clear, short, sentences, but she still struggles with hopping on one foot.

Try to figure out how he 'learns'. Is it repetition? visual? Audial? WHen I was teaching my daughter to talk I would make her watch my mouth as I pronounced words very slowly. If she struggled over a syllable, I would break it down (Po-Ta-To) and have her repeat those... Other than keeping up with those methods, yeah I"m still clueless as to how to get my son to actually 'start talking' instead of using a few words randomly.

Kate - posted on 01/27/2012




My cousin did not talk until he was 5 practically. This was back in the 50's and i dont think that they had people concerned about that sort of thing back then quite like they do now. When he did start talking, it was like a little English professor talking with folks. And that is what he turned out to be in fact, an English professor. He is one of the most brilliant people in our family, and an emotionally well put together, sensible guy with a great sense of humor.

Kaitlin - posted on 01/27/2012




I think he's probably just being over cautious. My son, same age, same name actually, says mama and dada, but that's pretty much it. And moms who tell you 'oh at that age my son said so many words, was talking up a storm!' are totally full of it (because they will, and they DO)

It's so funny, I remember exactly when my first started really talking. He had a few words and then BAM last July (he was 2 in Sept) he started throwing out a bunch of new words, then in late July, putting words together and by mid August you couldn't stop him! It's crazy! And so. freaking. cute. They say such fun things!

Also, boys develop later in the speech department. Totally normal. Keep talking to him and communicating, he sounds like he's right on track, learning like crazy, and very smart. :D

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