17 month old wont eat!!

Amy - posted on 01/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




hi my 17month old is becoming a really fussy eater and wont eat anything i put in front off him thats good for him, he normally eats roast dinners, sausage with mash n veg. and things like that, he is at the stage of feeding himself but he seems more intrested in playing with the food than eating it. he will eat fruit and biscuits and things like that but i cant get my head around why he wont eat a proper meal... another thing that is hard with him is that he wont eat bread or any sandwich filling. so im stuck with ideas ...

anyone with same problem???

advice appriciated

thanks amy


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Amy - posted on 01/22/2010




great thanks every1 for the advice i hope he goes back to his normal self soon, yesterday he wouldnt eat his lunch so i was creul to be kind by not letting him eat anything else and he soon ate his tea. i have also brought some baby vitamin drops :) thanks again amy :)

A - posted on 01/20/2010




Hi Amy

Children are often "picky" eaters this is very common. Not eating bread or sandwich fillings are also common. You may want to try holding the sandwich together while the child takes a bite..children hate sloppy things. The most important things is that the child is consuming enough liquid throughout the day. As far as eating it's good that he or she hasn't completely stopped. Eating fruit is a good start so be greatful for that. You may want to try cooking your food differently then how you normally do making it more appealing to them...think outside the box.

Children enjoy feeding themselves it gives them a sense of being independent. However, they do play with their food and make a mess which us as mother can't stand. While your child is feeding themselves and doing a good job be sure to praise them. After all the old system of rewards works. At times when they are not doing such a good job talk to your child he or she eventually begins to understand. Think of it as coloring and trying to stay in the lines.

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yep, this is the age where kids start to feel more independant and show it. My 17 month old would eat ANYTHING a month ago, now it's a struggle to get him to eat a few bites. Just offer healthy options throughout the day and don't let him fill up on juice or milk between meals. Also, kids that age only need about 1000 calories a day so he's probably eating enough it just doesn't seem like it.

Jamie - posted on 01/20/2010




my 19 month old has been doing that as well...somethings i have figured out to do with him is mix his food....for example i'll take mac & cheese and mix in broc. caul. carrots etc and he will play with it but he does eventually eat it all...another thing is that it is just a stage and he will go back to normal. my son is really big on eating whatever mommy eats, so something else i do is give him his own plate but if he wants whats on mine then i will put some of mine food on his plate and sometimes that jump starts him to eat his own food as well.

if you are worried about him getting all his good for ya stuff there is always the Pedisure shakes. they are decent tasting...and they do have the vitamins & stuff the kiddos need if they are becoming picky eaters.

hope some of this helps

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