18 month old and toddler bed advice.

Brittney - posted on 06/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have an 18 month old going on 19 months. I am currently pregnant and expecting in October.. I would love for my son to be in his new toddler bed by then. He has had sleep issues since we moved into our new house which was back last year in sept. He will NOT sleep a whole night through ALONE. Now if we were to put him in the bed with us which most nights we do now bc me being pregnant and working full time drains every bit of energy I have... then he will sleep all night and you wont hear one peep. . . but move him to his big boy bed in his own room ALONE and he seems to wake up almost at the same time every night... and sure you can lul him back to sleep... 1 hr later he will be awake screaming for mommy and daddy. and this will go on just about every hr... for the rest of the night... he seems to sleep longer with his tv on... so when I do try and get him to sleep in his own room i leave the tv on.. we have put up a baby gate in the hallway so all he has access to is either our room or his... but i always find him screaming at the gate. We cannot put his bed in our room.. there is NO room for his bed. I just need some advice on what to do about this... He still has his crib but it's not like he slept in that either... im just about to go crazy bc mommy and daddy need some alone time every now and then yah know... I feel like we are growing apart just bc its like we arent even sleeping in the same room bc we have a toddler laying cross ways in the middle of our bed that's forcing both of us to sleep on the edge...


Teresa - posted on 07/07/2013




I am worried about this too. My 17 month old's crib is in our bedroom with no real plan on where to put him. We have two rooms downstairs that are bedrooms but only two rooms upstairs and his brother is in the other. I am very reluctant to sleep on a different floor from my kids but I would rather they both be upstairs while we are downstairs. He'll sleep in his crib all night (12 hours) but it would be nice to get him OUT of our bedroom. Not much help I know.

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