18 month old makes herself vomit

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My 18 month old daughter has a bad habit of putting 4 fingers down her throat to the point where she eventually makes herself vomit. It's awful! I have called the doctor, talked to other mom groups, and family members with extensive medical backgrounds. All of them say that it is a phase and if I just ignore it, she will stop. I've tried to ignore it to the best of my ability, but riding through the grocery store and your child is fine one minuet and the next she had puke dripping off of her shoes cant easily be ignored! I'm hitting my breaking point with it!! She now only does it at night. I put her to be normally, and a few hours later she wakes up crying because she and all of her blankets/sheets/teddy bear is covered in vomit. Sorry for this being a bit detailed but she obviously sleeps in it after she does it. When she cries at night and I go check on her, its already cold and solidified like its been a few hours since she has thrown up. I need help, advice, or just a mantra to get through this. Thanks!


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My 4 1/2 year old used to put her fingers in her mouth and would end up vomiting fairly frequently too. As a baby she used to spit up more often than other babies. I began to think she just had a very light gag reflex. The only thing that I can suggest which I did was I started telling her "no fingers in your mouth" every single time those hands went near her mouth. Obviously this isn't an instant fix. It takes months of telling a LO a new rule over and over and over. If she's a thumb sucker for comfort that might make this an impossible new rule.

As she got even older, I discovered she was still spitting up/throwing up occasionally despite not having her fingers in her mouth. After several dr's visits with the family dr, a GI dr, and an allergist, we have discovered that she has a food intolerance to both cow milk and to soy. No one else in my family or my husbands family has any food allergies or food intolerances so this was not expected, but since being taken off the offending foods, she's been doing much better.

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