19 m old doesnt talk

Chinni - posted on 10/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son turned 19m but he still doesn't point. He looks at the objects when asked but never points.He has only 5 words. He will b having new words and after a while they disappear. Could be regression.He babbles alot but it is meaningless. He looks at when he wants help. He notices kids of his age but doesn't play much with them. He does little flapping when excited. He spins wheels for a while but doesn't mind coming out of it. He shows us things but never shares his interests by pointing. He pretend plays phone but it's more repetitive. Whenever someone comes home he doesn't know how to express himself and starts pretending to talk on phone or dancing by looking at them. After a while he is fine and gets close to the people. Coming to his positives, he smiles when you smile at him. Responds to his name most of the time. Has a good eye contact and joint attention. Very cuddling. enjoys peek-a-boo and initiates. Can clap, wave bye, imitates well, pretends to drink from his cup, combs hair, sweeps with broom, assists when being dressed, sleeps well, feeds me sometimes His receptive language is still at 15m old level. He will be starting with speech therapy in another two weeks. But no pointing and not sharing interests with pointing really concerns me. He has been evaluated and his doctor doesn't want to label him right now as he has few positives. However he is concerned about his no pointing and sharing things said to start him with speech therapy.

just wanted to know if anyone of you had similar concerns? And any children with no pointing at 19 m ended up fine at later point of time?


Nicole - posted on 11/02/2013




Just wondering are you demonstrating on what you want him to do and have him understand what you are doing. Have him point to what he wants and make a noise or something.

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