1st camping trip pointers?! Any help to make the weekend go smoothly?!

Nicky - posted on 07/19/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm bringing my boys camping this weekend in Old Forge NY. My oldest who is 11 loves camping, my youngest who is 4 has never been camping. I'm excited to bring them both together this year so we can have a nice famiy trip. My little guy is extremely excited about leaving tomorrow morning to go to camp and to Enchanted forest water safari saturday morning. I've never brought a child his age camping so i'm just looking for some tips to make the weekend go flawless and fun. He gets car sick so for the first time I bought dramamine tablets in hopes they will keep his carsickness under control for our 3 hour drive to Old forge.Has anyone used these before? Anyway back to camping.. I packed the portable dvd player just in case he wants to watch his favorite cartoons. I also packed a bag of his favorite toys that I had him pick to bring. We are also bringing his tricycle. If anyone has any other tips for a flawless camping trip with a 4 yr old they would be much appreciated!!


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I took my 12,4 and 1 year old camping this year and everything went great except we had really freak winds and our tent poles snapped , colouring books n crayons are a idea in case the weather is dull or your stuck in and a foot ball is always handy to run and have a kick about.

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I brought my 1yr old camping last year and we plan on going this year. I'm 24yrs old and every year since I was 6mons old we have gone camping at the same place. We brought plenty of his favorite toys and his ride on. One of the nights there we brought tons of glow sticks and everyone covered them selves, he had a blast with that. He also liked walking around and collecting frogs with grandpa(my dad). We didn't need alot of extra stuff to have fun, kids always find stuff to do outside.


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Nicky - posted on 07/19/2012




Absolutely maria catching frogs is a great idea. My lil guy loves catching them!! He loves playing outside so im sure he will find things to do. @ Staci I totally forgot to pack crayons and coloring books, thanks for the reminder..lol. I know he will enjoy the camping during the day. Im most concerned about sleeping in the tent. He loves going in the tent when we put it up in our yard to air it out, but im unsure how he will react actually sleeping in it in the dark. My boyfriend bought him a cute little LED flash light yesturday and I just found my son in his closet playing with it pretending he was camping..lol Im sure it will go smoothly as long as we get through the car sickness part. I also packed his little mits and ball so they can play catch. I guess I should throw the football in there too. Thanx for the ideas ladies :)

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