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Mguna2558 - posted on 12/28/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Need some advice: I have a 2.5 y/o boy whom screams and cries if I don't give him a lollipop. Recently, he is doing this every time we go somewhere ie mall, car, grocery store church. He will not take no as an answer. He just won't let it go. The late couple of times we had to leave because he just won't stop. Help!


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Natalie - posted on 01/30/2016




Oh, I let my LO scream his little head off. He wants to throw a tantrum in public? I smile and wave at the people who stare. They have to learn they can't always get what they want when they want it. He usually stops the whining and screaming after a bit, and understands he's not getting his way. When you pretend their screaming isn't bothering you, they have nothing else to do but let it go

Jahnavidevidasi - posted on 01/06/2016




I give my kids time outs when they misbehave in public. My daughter, who loves to walk around stores on her own, has to ride in the cart until she stops screaming - I usually just ignore her until she calms down. I've also taken her to waiting rooms or anywhere I can find that she isn't bothering others to let her have a time out. She's usually a lot more co-operative after. I've done this for a while already and she rarely has to go for time outs in public anymore. It's frustrating that your kids are attracting attention in the store but I think any parent understands the grief you're going through when your kid makes a fuss.

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