2 1/2 year old doesn't talk

Bethany - posted on 06/16/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am worried about my 2 year old son and his verbal skills. He only says mama and dada and uh oh, not at the right times and babbles. However, he understands everything. He points and follows directions easily. I even ask him shapes and points to the correct ones.We have early intervention that comes every week but she said she can't give diagnoses. It's sad because she is the only person that he does not look at and not focus around. Even strangers he has eye contact. And I also feel like it's making it a little worse every week, because he gets discouraged? It is confusing to me because he has met every milestone besides talking. I actually talked to my husbands parents (which they haven't talked to each other in years), and they both said that my husband only said mama and dada until he was three years old. I am really just confused, and a bit worried. Should I get him evaluated? Or should I switch people at early intervention (maybe he just does not respond well with her?) or perhaps get him an occupational therapist? Thank you!


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Darvia - posted on 07/15/2014




I am having the same problem with my son. It bothers me when people ask can he talk?Is something wrong with him? I want to know will speech therapy really benefit him.

Mina - posted on 07/01/2014




My one is 23 month old and am in ur shoes except we dont have intervention they will Talk boys are usually Slower with the talking

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