2 year developed massive fears after surgery, how do I help her?

Belinda - posted on 07/21/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter had surgery 3 weeks ago. Physically she is healing fine and doing ok. Mentally is a different story. She is terrified of looking at her stomach or letting anyone else see it. She wont let me take her top off even just for a bath and when you take it off sopping wet once shes out she screams and trembles saying her tummy scares her. I can understand seeing incisions on her belly would be scary but theyre nearly healed and I cant even get her to look to see theyre getting better. She has a scan in a week and if i cant get her to lift her top voluntary she will have to be sedated which i worry will only add to her fears. She also is terrified of the dark now and will not sleep unless her bedroom light is on the door is open and the hall light is on. We can live with this but even when we do this she wakes a couple of times during the night trembling really badly and hysterical about something all she wants is mummy. I have to go back to work tommorow and she wont even let me leave the room. My husband will be staying with her so I know she will be ok Im just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar things or has any advice on how to get her past this?


Sharon - posted on 07/22/2012




My oldest son had a minor surgery at 5 (tonsillectomy) and we prepared him well in advance before the actual date. Explained what would happen and how he would feel afterwards. He was able to ask questions and see on a doll what the doctor was going to do.I would suggest getting a doll maybe draw the same incision and let her take the shirt off the doll to give it a bath. Perforn the same checkup on the doll as she will have in a week. Prepare her so she will not be afraid. If the doll can do it then she can too. Let her feel in control and in the end she will feel safe and confident. Good luck I hope this helps.


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