2 year old boy potty trained while running naked but not with the clothes on. Please help.

Ivana - posted on 12/30/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 year old boy is well potty trained while he is at home and running naked. But the minute we put any clothes (training pants, undies...) on he does not get it. He will do #1 and #2 into his pants and does not care. Do you have any suggestions? Normally I would say that he is not ready but since he is doing so good without clothes I don't understand it. We started potty train him at about 18 months and he did great (but still only while being naked) then since it did not work with clothes and outside the house we stopped hoping that he just needs more time... Thank you for your help.


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well for one 2 is very young for a boy to be fully potty trained so I would say he is doing an amazing job. I would try not putting underwear on him just loose pants.(at home of course) that way he knows he has clothes on but when he does pee it will still run down his leg and he probably wont like it lol. But I think if you just keep doing what your doing he will get it eventually.

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My girls were the same way (except for poop... that always went in the potty) when they were little. What I did was leave them naked at home as much as possible and put a pull up on them to sleep or leave the house. They eventually started peeing in the potty more and more even when they had the pull up on. Good luck!

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The same thing happened to my little girl, between 18 and 24 months, I don't rememeber exactly. I also thought she was ready, but noww I would say she wasn't. It was more like a game which was new and fun. As soon as she had a panty on, she would have accidents.
So I stopped for a while and when I tried again, I made sure I left with panites ( I got the one for pottytraining, that are thicker). I would try a few days, and if there were too many accidents, I would stop and retry a few weeks/months later. I also had a book about it, and one day she got really interested in the book, and wanted to read it all the time. So I tried again to remove the diaper, and that time, she really was ready. She was completely potty trained in 2-3 days, and had very little accidents before that. She was almost 2 and a half.

She's been potty trained for 3-4 months now, and it seems that she's paying less attention to it these last few weeks, and I have to remind her all the time to go(which I didn't have to do before). SHe doesn't want to interrupt what she's doing. But she goes whenever I ask her so doesn't have accidents. I think at first she was very excited and proud of her new achievement, and now, it's not so exciting any more...so basically, it's a long process!

Good luck!

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