2 year old is not talking yet

Saba - posted on 04/20/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 2 year old and not talking yet.he doesn't point.he never point to drink or eat anything just whined.he never call us mama,papa.he is very happy child extremely active and very vibrant.he is smiling all the time laughing very hard at funny thungs.love to go out side no problem with gathering,love to swing.no height phobia.no sound or light or touch problem.good eye to eye contact.wave bye bye sometimes but not right direction.follow some simple directions.when i ask him to say mama ye says amma and some times says mamama but not mama.play hide and seek.he notice my reactions when he does something.play back and forth game.love to play with me.he puts pacifier in his younger brother's mouth and cap on his head.no repetitive behaviour just spins oround someday for few sec. Doesn't make tower or line up things.he has a problem with eating only eat four pureed food and does not know how to chew.is something new flavour in his mouth he start gagging and end up vomiting.
What is this.is it autism or sensory issue.
I dont think he has autism but may b
I am soooooooo sooo worried.plz help me


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Michaela - posted on 04/21/2017




Sounds pretty normal... ummm, the not pointing thing is the only thing that stands out to me as possibly a spectrum disorder, but that could just be a learned behavior that whining gets him what he wants so why take the extra effort to point... everything else though, just sounds like he's two years old and discovering what works and what he likes... still for your own peace of mind have him evaluated.
For your own knowledge and awareness I would suggest a movie called "Vaxxed"

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